2020 is the Year of Jose Ron

Article by Mary Njehia
Posted: December 24, 2020  

Jose Ron has been active on the Telenovela scene for almost a decade but it seems 2020 was his active year on Kenyan Television. The Mexican actor has five of his shows air during the course of the year and we want to know which Jose Ron show is your favorite.

Timeless Love

On NTV’s Timeless Love, Jose Ron plays the role of Matias Monterrubio, the heir the Monterrubio fortune. He is in love with his half-sister Renata but theirs is an impossible love because Renata does not love him. A production from Jose Ron’s younger years, he portrays a hurt young man grappling with the feelings of rejection and deception.

I Gave Up My life

I gave up my life is Citizen TV’s latest offering, where Jose Ron portrays the role of a mechanic called Pedro. Pedro is about to be engaged when he suddenly finds out that he had a son with another woman. The emergence of an estranged son serves to change the direction of his life and his affections as well.

The Lady from Vendaval

With Jose Ron’s striking looks, a husband for hire is the perfect role for him. He plays Alessandro Castelo on Citizen’s Lady from Vendaval, a man hired by Marcela as her husband in order to get her inheritance. Alessandro’s mission however is to catch Marcela, the person he believes to be the thief of a family heirloom. His mission is led astray when he finds himself falling in love with her instead.

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In Love with Ramon

Jose Ron plays the charming mechanic, Ramon on KBC’s In Love with Ramon. He ends up winning the hearts of Fabiola and Sofia. The two women have to contest to win the love of Ramon. Who will he choose in the end?


On Ringo, Jose Ron is a retired boxer fighting his son’s custody. He decides to get a job as a guard in order to prove his capability in taking care of him. He however falls in love with his boss’s daughter and this motivates him to chase his dream of becoming a champion boxer once more.

With five enticing Telenovelas, which of Jose Ron’s show is your favorite?

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