Kenyan Celebrities: What’s Your Ultimate Valentine’s Date?

Article by Whitney Nasanga
Posted: February 05, 2018

Dinner and a movie? A weekend away? A grand romantic gesture? We asked a few of our favourite entertainment celebrities what their dream Valentine’s Day looks like. This is what they had to say.

Muthoni Drummer Queen
Musician/Founder of Blankets and Wine

I think Valentine’s is like that little extra slice of cake you have after you’ve already had your slice because it’s just too yummy. It is a day to add to the goodness you should already be bringing into the life of your lover/family/BFF. A breakfast date in nature with my love is all I would like to do this year.

Kagwe Mungai
I am more of an indoors guy. Roses, chocolates, a romantic candlelit dinner (made by me, of course) and a good movie to wrap up the day fully describes my ideal Valentine’s Day.


Honestly for me, the day is like any other. I would probably be in the house watching my favourite series and eating my favourite meal of ugali, fish and mrenda.

DRC musician based in Nairobi

I love surprises and being showered in gifts. On my ideal Valentine’s Day, all I ask for is being showered with gifts… especially shoes.

Christine Kimani
TV presenter, KBC Channel 1

We are both about creating memories so my ideal activity involves having cocktails served against an unforgettable backdrop of the African sunset. We both love nature so the National Park or anywhere around would be good! Relax, eat and have a good laugh.

Kevin Matara
Radio presenter, Two FM

Ideal Valentine’s gift for my lady love? Flowers and chocolates have been done a time or two before so I’m gonna step up my romance game a notch; Mia Bella 1/4 carat yellow gold stud earrings that are about $152 (Ksh 15,000), plus a pair of Warby Parker tortoiseshell sunglasses that go for about Ksh 6,000 and a trip to Kisumu. Lol.

Lady Jaydee
Tanzanian musician

The day for me is very special and I appreciate the effort a man would make to reserve a very romantic dinner at a restaurant. The romantic ambiance and love vibes around definitely sets the mood during this season for me.

Le Band

An ideal Valentine’s Day for Le Band involves chilling with our girlfriends and just having a good time as always. Plus, FIFA for us guys too. We love each other also. But that’s the ideal. Reality is we have interviews

Laura Anjili

Normally I like a chilled out, low-key hangout at home with my partner, but I honestly wouldn’t mind a getaway to somewhere beautiful. Probably a safari drive in the wild surrounded by nature and a quiet environment. Good food and a glass of champagne is definitely a must!


On Valentine’s, I feel myself at home with my Empress Queen. Surprise gifts and love for my children.

Aisha Wanjiku
TV host, KTN Life & Style

My ideal Valentine’s Day date would be a well-planned romantic getaway weekend to a remote game reserve. Get to enjoy the safari, have a swim, get one of those luxurious spa treatments and a candlelit dinner to wrap it up.

Elvis Who

My ideal Valentine’s Day activities would be going fine-dining to a really fancy place with my woman or going on a surprise trip for two or three nights. My ideal gift would be something I know my woman really wants. It could be anything.

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