13 Edutainment Shows for Kids That Teach STEAM Concepts

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Posted: March 25, 2020

With the kids at home, these series and documentaries that teach science, technology, engineering, arts and maths principles will help to keep your kids up to speed on subjects they would be learning at school – from geometry and vectors to the biology of wild animals and the wonders of space.

Akili and Me

Join Akili and her friends to learn English, numbers, letters, art, reading and more!

Jabu’s Jungle

Jabu, an intrepid nine-year-old from Masiphumelele, Cape Town, and his magic talking drum explore the jungle and help animals in need. This fun series is set to Afro-pop music.

Ubongo Kids

Kids will love this clever Tanzanian cartoon that teaches maths and science interactively.

Blaze & The Monster Machines

The animated series has 60 episodes that are 22 minutes each, following the adventures of racing driver AJ and his car Blaze. Besides speeding around Axle City, they have fun learning about science and maths in this show that’s more for the younger crowd.

Super Why

With 103 episodes that run 24 minutes each, there’s enough edutainment here to keep an army of kids learning. What’s it about? Whyatt and his pals in Storybook Village have a secret clubhouse that turns them into education heroes (like Alpha Pig, who’s a master of reading). Their adventures take them around their world, learning while solving puzzles, problems and questions that need answering.


Top Gear host and English ex-cricketer Freddie Flintoff hosts this smashing engineering show with a difference that sees competitors use their engineering skills to not just build a car worthy of a Mad Max movie but to also go to war with one another and see whose engineering skills are the best in the car-crashing arena.

The Planets

Space isn’t just the final frontier, it’s the ultimate science laboratory. This 2019 doccie has five 50-minute episodes filled with the latest technology being used by space organisations around the world. It’s narrated by Brian Cox, and you’ll get incredible access to photos, videos, information and a whole lot more than we’d normally know about, as the origins of our solar system are explored in all of space’s glory!

Finding Stuff Out

The best way to learn is to ask questions. Like, what is dirt made of? And that’s what this 13-episode series investigates – kids asking questions and learning while they find out the answers in each of the 21-minute episodes. There are fun and funky animation elements, as well as experts who help answer the multitude of questions being asked by these eager young minds.

Where’s Waldo

This brand-new series, which has won the 2020 award at Kidscreen for the Best New Pre-School Series, follows young members of the WorldWide Wandered Society on their exciting missions around the globe. Waldo and Wenda are sent on their adventures by their mentor, Wizard Whitebeard, and while they have plenty of fun, their rival, Odlulu, is never far away, trying to cause trouble and stop them from earning stripes and becoming wizard-level wanderers.

The Ollie & Moon Show

Ollie and Moon are a pair of sweet six-year-old cats who go a series of adventures around the world. Everyday life always turns crazy for them as they get into a load of wacky fun. The goofy best friends search for solutions to problems that will be familiar to all preschoolers, and along the way, they grow to appreciate differences, in each other and in the big wide world they discover together.

Mister Maker’s Arty Party

Join Mister Maker as he gets an idea, grabs some crafts and starts making things. Joined by his friends, the shapes, and plenty of songs, this show for preschoolers is creative, engaging and lots of fun. Hopefully you’ve stocked up on craft supplies!

Top Chef Junior

Twelve young chefs between the ages of nine and 14 compete for the top spot by cooking and serving the tastiest, most beautiful dishes to Curtis Stone, Vanessa Lachey and guest judges. We all know that cooking and baking are both a science and an art, and, bonus, this show may just inspire your little ones to help out in the kitchen from now on.

Big Cats

This documentary series uncovers the secret lives of lions, leopards, tigers and more, using the latest technology and scientific research to bring these animal superstars out of the shadows.

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