10 Places You Can Turn To During a Crisis

10 Places You Can Turn To During a Crisis

Clinical depression, anxiety disorders, PSTD from sexual assault and other forms of abuse – are all classified as mental disorders that one should never have to endure or conquer alone. According to Kenya’s mental health policy, approximately 25% of out patients and 40% of in patients suffer from mental health conditions.

The treatment of mental health and other conditions in Kenya is underfunded to say the least, forcing sufferers to seek costly private treatment. In the likely event that one cannot afford such treatment, they are forced to suffer in silence.

It is important to know that you should never be alone in these circumstances. There are resources to help educate the public on mental health and aid in the event of numerous crises. Consider the following when in the need of support.

1. Child line Kenya

This resource focuses on abused children. Childline provides a 24-hour toll-free helpline for any Kenyan child to report abuse and receive counseling. Childline works in partnership with the government to stop child abuse and provide a safe environment for all children.

The group rescues children from their abusers, provides post-trauma counseling and if needed medical care, education and legal support.

2. Amani Counseling Center

Amani Center provides support in the areas of depression, anxiety, challenges in personal relationships and addictions. They are a faith-based organization located in Nyeri, Kisumu, Mombasa and also Ugunja.

First time clients are taken through registration, otherwise known as Intake, where client details are taken. Here the center tries to understand the type of counseling they are looking for to aid in matching with specific counselors that deal with the presented issues. Your confidentiality is taken into account when dealing with any counselor.

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