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Posted: February 09, 2015

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1 | Grammy Mommy
Mama Africa, Angélique Kidjo won big on music's greatest night but that's just the half of it. Read here.

2 | Minority Barbie
This Nigerian man just wanted a black doll for his niece. Now he's making a killing with his own line. Daily Mail explains.

3 | You're Not Needed, A U?
The recent AU sitting was dominated by the outrage that of Mugabe being named chair. But besides that, is the continental organization still relevant?

4 | Speaking of Mugabe…
Who can forget his epic (or unfortunate) fall that spawned the viral 'Mugabe-ing' dance. The President has the last laugh though as the Zimbabwe Standard states.

5 | EPL Suspended
Stick with me. Yes the EPL, Egyptian Premier League. Only three years after the deadliest football riot in Egypt, 22 more people were killed in another clash this past weekend. Sky News gives the details here.

6 | Shower or Grower
After the murder of a Jordanian pilot by ISIL, King Abdullah II vowed revenge on the terror group and he immediately went Middle Earth on us by suggesting via an image online that he's personally leading the front line. But are his seemingly balls of steel for real?

7 | We Are Legion
At least one group can claim a measure of success over ISIL – hacker group Anonymous. Mint Press News explains how they smacked the taste out of the terror group.

8 | Big Bash Down Under
The Cricket World Cup start this Valentines Day and will be co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand. The NZ Herald gives you a lowdown on who to watch out for.

9 | Buy Me Love: Romance or Finance?
A dejected writer questions whether Valentines Day is really about love with the juggernaut that's consumerism driving the days agenda.

10 | Fifty Shades of Sex
I personally haven't come across a more anticipated film release in Nairobi. In preparation, see Esquire UK's list of 10 seminal films about sex.

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