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Posted: January 26, 2015  

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1 | Kenyan Not Singh
Aleya Kassam's brilliant reflection on what it means that the school land grabbers name-dropped by CS Charity Ngilu happened to be of Indian descent. Read here.

2 | Double Trouble
Unfortunately for Aleya, just a day later another corruption bombshell involving an Indian. This time, nominated MP Sunjeev Birdi flanked by foul-mouthed, “I fuck stupid innocent Kenyans, 50 Cent wannabe, Member of Parliament, Alfred Keter. If you're one of the few to have not seen the viral video yet, view here.

3 | Uhm, He's Only A Knight
Rihanna surprise-dropped via her website 'FourFiveSeconds' on Saturday. The new single also features Kanye West and Sir Paul McCartney, who earlier in the month young Yeezus fans were boggled as to who the hell he is! See the hilarious tweet compilations.

4 | After The Tyrant
Have you ever wondered what life in Libya is like after the revolution? The Journal of a Revolution blog gives a great insight here.

5 | How About China?
Closed, secret and unwelcoming. That's the depiction of China we get from media most of the time. But these images by self-taught photographer Liu Tao will let you see, experience and breath the real China.

6 | Something To Poke On
Here's an interesting one. A two part investigative series by a Mpasho writer who posed as a prostitute in Nairobi. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

7 | Guess Who's Back?
Kenya's most iconic night spot is re-opening. Find out here.

8 | Some Gasoline With My Fries Please
A gallon of oil is now cheaper than the same amount of sparkling water in the global markets? Michael Bastasch explains for

9 | Self-diagnose
The German's have a name for everything. Yes, even that feeling of pleasure you get from the misfortunes of others (E.g. Alfred Keter). Mental Floss lists some things you might be coming down with but you just can't explain them in English.

10 | Not So Gone Girl
She's Ben Affleck's side dish in the movie but you know her better from the Blurred Lines video. Esquire puts forth a solid case as to why you MUST follow Emily Ratajkowski on Instagram.

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