10 Animals that Broke the Internet

10 Animals that Broke the Internet

Many people try their hardest to get famous, whether it's by creating a popular internet fad (Damn Daniel etc) or by releasing a sex tape (ahem Kim Kardashian ahem). But some animals have beaten us at creating worlwide conversations about themselves. Whether it's by being funny or being down right violent, here are 10 animals that have broken the internet! 

1. Harambe The Gorilla
Harambe broke the internet when he was killed after a 3 year old child fell into his enclosure. The event that happened at a Cincinnati Zoo was met with criticism from people, saying that the zoo should’ve come up with better ways to save the child.  

2. New York Pizza Rat 
Rats usually ran away and hide at the very sight of humans. This New York Pizza rat though is the ultimate OG. Nothing was getting between him and his piece of pizza. Something we both have in common. 

3. Kenya Power Monkey

Not many people can take pride in causing a nation-wide blackout, but this monkey sure can. He caused power outage in all of Kenya for 4 hours straight after he fell into a power grid. That says a lot about our power supply company doesn’t it. SMH! The monkey survived the accident though and is currently in the custody of Kenya Wildlife Service.

4. Alligator That Dragged a 2 Year Old at Disney World

A major tragedy that happened recently was the death of a 2 year old at Disney World. The child was dragged by a 7 foot long alligator from the beach of a man-made lake at the amusement park. His parents tried fighting off the alligator but couldn’t succeed. 

5. Lions Licking Tent
A couple of lions were filmed licking off dew from the side of a tent. You can imagine what the campers were feeling at that very moment. 

6. Kenyan Owl Witches

Two poor owls lost their lives to a bunch of ignorant Christians blaming them for being evil witches. Incase the people at Winner’s Chapel didn’t get the memo, we’re in 2016 and believing that these birds are some kind of supernatural omen is just, well, stupid!

7. Grumpy Cat

Arguably the QUEEN of the internet, at least when it comes to cats; grumpy cat got her fame when her owner posted a picture of her on the internet that later went viral. He later proceeded to start an Instagram for the feline that people just can’t get enough of. Her real name is Tardar Sauce.

8. Killer Monitors

Ronald Huff kept 7 monitor lizards as pets and well, you can imagine what happened next.  

9. Sudan The Last White Rhino

Sudan is the world’s last male white rhino. Breeding attempts with Sudan at the Ol Pejeta conservancy has been unsuccessful. In February 2015, Ol Pejeta launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the rangers guarding the rhinos. Dubai-based Pakistani entrepreneurs Hamid Hussain and Muhammad Yaqoob started a global campaign to create awareness and bring people to Ol Pejeta to help in generating revenues for the IVF treatments and other forms of assisted reproduction by inviting celebrities to visit Ol Pejeta. 

10. Headbanging Cockatoo 
Probably the coolest parrot to ever take the internet, is just a Cuckatoo that just wants to rock and roll. You can see the other bird going like "I don't know him." Wait for minute 1:50 for ultimate headbanging. 

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