Thursday Nite Live Featuring Nina Ogot & Winyo Music  

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Free Thursday Nite Live Featuring Nina Ogot & Winyo

Starts: Thu 23rd Nov, 8:00pm

Ends: Thu 23rd Nov, 11:00pm

Location: J's Pub and Restaurant

0707 612585


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This week we feature a double bill of two wonderful singers, Nina Ogot and Winyo. 

Winyo, known for his debut album titled BENGA BLUES, has received both local and international praise for his vocal prowess and creation of a new age Benga sound which has opened up platforms for him in Brazil, Cote d'Ivoire, China, France, Italy, Germany and much more. 

Nina Ogot, creator of the Kenyan Afro-acoustic niche, has acted as a musical cultural ambassador on several occasions and raised the Kenyan flag up high when she represented her country in the first ONEBEAT program, an initiative by the United States Department of State which annually unites over 20 artists originating from different parts of the world and facilitates their musical tour around the U.S.A for one month.

The husband and wife team released their sophomore album together packaged as a duo album. 

The album is a collection of eight songs written mainly in Kiswahili and Dholuo which are the 2 languages that the Contemporary Benga artist, Winyo and the Afro-acoustic singer Nina Ogot are known to sing in. The songs have the intricate mix of traditional and western rhythms which have been uniquely incorporated into the music to create a new authentic Kenyan sound which is pleasing to both the new and older generation of music lovers.

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