The State of Kenyan Healthcare in 2017: Challenges, Opportunities and Moving Forward Special Events  

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Free The State of Kenyan Healthcare in 2017: Challenges, Opportunities and Moving Forward

Starts: Fri 24th Nov, 6:00pm

Ends: Fri 24th Nov, 9:00pm

Location: British Institute in Eastern Africa

Sarah Njenga

020 8155186


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Achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in both developed and developing countries can be an arduous and complex task. Issues regarding inadequate financial and human resources for healthcare facilities, as well as a lack of accountability within the governance of health systems, are continuing to threaten the ability of nations to achieve coverage for all their citizens. Furthermore, attempts to provide health insurance for all can be incredibly costly to the government, and questions arise regarding its sustainability as changes in demographics and the nature of diseases will increase the demand for health services in the long-term. Despite this, entrepreneurial innovations are proving to have a potential benefit in increasing the quality of care and medicines offered to patients. Against this background, this panel discussion aims to bring to the forefront discussions surrounding healthcare and health financing in Kenya, to consider how UHC can be governed in order to ensure that all people have access to it regardless of their socio-economic background, as well as ensuring its financial sustainability for the government and other stakeholders in the long term. As we approach the end of the year, we’ll also consider the events of 2017 which have shaped the state of Kenyan healthcare, including the Doctor’s strike, MoH health scandals, Nurses strike, and the Clinical Officers strike. However, we will also consider positive improvements in Kenyan healthcare, particularly at the community level and with entrepreneurship, to consider the beneficial impact they have proven to show in improving health indicators. All are welcome, particularly those with an interest in learning more about healthcare in Kenya. As well as medical/clinical professionals, healthcare social enterprises, NGOs, and so on.


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