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This event happened in the past and has no current dates.
Kids Modeling Class

Starts: Sat 19th May, 10:30am

Ends: Sat 2nd Jun, 12:00pm

Location: Lavington Kindergarten

: Ksh

: Ksh

0703735160/ 0728128353

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Can your little one smile for the camera? Yes? 
That is a good start but it isn’t even nearly enough of what he or she needs to make it out in the world today. Your child needs to be confident, well-spoken and self-assured while walking the delicate balance of not being arrogant or entitled. These are things that they will not learn in school. These are things that can only be taught in a more relaxed and permissive atmosphere – like a child oriented modelling academy.

Age: 4 -16 years. Venue: Lavington, Washika road, No 238


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