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Follow Yourself: Lead your Life, your Team, your Community

Starts: Fri 13th Oct, 10:00am

Ends: Sun 15th Oct, 1:00pm

Location: Lenana House & Conference Center

Regular: Ksh 14000 - if your income is connected to EU, or US economy US $ 180

: Ksh

Jennifer Mwikali

0734 900362/ 0729 875266


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A Deep Democracy seminar demonstrating and practising our approach to working with body, mind, teams, organizations, and world issues. This seminar is offered at a reduced price. It is a standalone seminar and an introduction to our 22-year certification training starting in Amsterdam in 2018 

Presenters: Dr Ellen Schupbach and DrDrax Schupbach

Deep Democracy, developed by Arnold Mindell, is an innovative whole-system, holographic paradigm that links individual development, team and organizational development, and world changes in one cohesive theory. It unifies elements of modern physics and complexity theory, understandings from indigenous cosmologies, as well as cutting-edge psychological research and perennial wisdoms from the world’s spiritual beliefs. The framework can be used to work on personal and professional development, team development, organizational development, and universal world changes. Depending on the context, it naturally shows the connection between these processes at any given moment, and follows the process of the person or group, assisting them to discover and remember their deep nature and its present expression.

Entanglement and holographic effects: Deep Democracy assumes that a personal, individual “life myth” process—our term for a deeper essential direction in your life—is intricately linked to or entangled with the organizing principle behind world changes, and that the experiences we have in our inner lives, our relationships, our teams, and the world at large are symmetrical; they are local expressions of larger universal processes. Our work naturally follows the scope and scale of the process unfolding, be it for an individual in a coaching practice, an executive committee in a corporation, a social movement in an informal settlement, or government branch with a specific task at hand.

Process Work, another term for Deep Democracy, has a vast array of tools that assist in bringing these hidden structures to the forefront, allowing creative, often surprising, solutions to spring out of complications.

This three-day workshop will provide an overview and introduction of the theoretical approach, and demonstrate skills that you can use for your own development, work, coaching with individuals, and facilitating groups and communities in diverse settings. It will also serve as an introduction to our two-year training program, starting in 2018.

Scholarships also available




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