Afro Renaissance - Come Witness the Rebirth Art  

This event happened in the past and has no current dates.
Free Afro Renaissance - Come Witness the Rebirth

Starts: Sat 14th Oct, 6:00pm

Ends: Sun 22nd Oct, 6:00pm

Location: British Institute in Eastern Africa

Syokau Mutonga



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Afro-Rennaisance is the brainchild of four Nairobi based urban-artists who not only seek to make good art but to also actively take part in re-writing the African narrative. 

It is our aim that Africans not only develop positive progressive images of themselves and their culture but also change the image the rest of the world has of Africa, of what we can achieve, who we are intrinsically and not who we have been thought to be or who most of us have thought ourselves to be. Through the Arts, sports, scientific and architectural achievements, many nations have defined and revitalized their image and their peoples’ image of themselves. The American moon-landing solidified their identity not only in their citizens’ eyes but also in the eyes of the rest of the world, as forerunners always ready to forge into the unknown gathering knowledge and awareness along the way.

This played a major role in injecting hope not only in their people but also in the rest of the world. With this event, we aim to spark a new fire in the youth who are the hope of our nation, that in the fields of the arts, we as a people have something to offer the rest of the world. We also strive to show that art can be a native, enabling one to make a living, achieve dreams, attain higher heights and be a vehicle for positive social change in our communities. We also seek to light a fire in the heart of every African, even in whatever fields they choose to pursue, that as a people we can strive for and achieve great things.


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