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Zen Garden

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The ultimate venue, captured in the scenic surroundings of Nairobi's Spring Valley. The sheer beauty of the location, uncompromised quality of food and high level of service attracts customers to ...


Fashion High Tea: Hats, Scarves and Bottles 04 Feb 2015


Find all these at the mini boutique during the Fashion High Tea this Saturday at Zen Garden from 2pm.


Bamboo Oriental Restaurant

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The Bamboo Room, adjacent to the main restaurant comfortably sits up to 18 people, who can experience the wonders of the fusion menu and wine list in this private retreat.


Fashion High Tea 2013 12 Feb 2013


It’s always too hot on the day of Fashion High Tea, but no matter, one must put their best foot forward and dress up!


DT Dobie Launches the Kenyan Mercedes-Benz 2013 E-Class 02 Jul 2013


With over 13 million models sold worldwide, the E-Class is an icon for Mercedes-Benz and a symbol of success for any one that drives one. It is for Mercedes-Benz, the epitome of automobile luxury.


Nairobi Hosts the City’s First Restaurant Week 08 Jan 2014


For the first time Nairobi will host the global phenomenon known as restaurant week.


Overwhelming response recorded over the first weekend of Nairobi Restaurant Week 04 Feb 2014


In its opening weekend, Nairobi Restaurant Week in partnership with Heineken proved to be an overwhelming hit with the public and establishments alike. Four days into the week long culinary experience and restaurants have already registered a significant increase in patrons wanting to take advantage of the unique experience.


Brew Bistro Restaurant review 18 Mar 2010


Brew Bistro is already a very popular hot spot in Nairobi with a reputation of being the best new restaurant in town.  But can you run a successful restaurant in an unfinished building?  We went to find out.