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Sunday Birdwatch March 16, 2014 - Nov. 16, 2014

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Organized by Nature Kenya, Sunday Birdwatch meets the third Sunday of each month at at the National Museum, Nairobi, near Fisheries Dept.


Wednesday Morning Birdwalks May 7, 2014 - Nov. 26, 2014

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Join Fleur and the rest of the team for yet another fun filled informative bird walk.


Storymoja Festival 2014 Sept. 17, 2014 - Sept. 21, 2014

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The Annual Storymoja Festival, Kenya’s premier literary event is an opportunity to meet with the brightest thinkers from home & abroad; literature, technology, innovation, self-development, wealth creation, art, music & of course food and drinks.


KMS Second Hand Book Sale Sept. 5, 2014 - Sept. 6, 2014

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Kenya Museum Society presents a second hand book sale including a special art sale at the lowest prices.


Nairobi National Museum

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The new Nairobi National Museum samples the best of Kenya’s natural and cultural heritage with exhibitions focusing on nature, culture, art and history.


The Storymoja Hay Festival 2014 Sept. 17, 2014 - Sept. 21, 2014

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For the sixth year in a row, we will be transforming Nairobi into the heart beat of literature, art and thought-provoking conversations. Writers, poets, storytellers, performers and thinkers from all over the world will converge in Nairobi in September.


Snake Park

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Located within the compound of the Nairobi National Museum, the snake park displays cobras, puff adders, mambas and the large African-Rock python (non-poisonous) found only in Kenya. Several species of ...


Kenya Museum Society

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The Kenya Museum Society (KMS) is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 1970 to support and promote the National Museums of Kenya. You are invited to join the Society and ...


Louis Leakey Auditorium, Nairobi National Museum

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The auditorium was built in the early 1970s. The renovation has resulted in a modern and competitive event facility that can be used by both museum audiences and additional new markets.


Nature Kenya

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By joining Nature Kenya, your benefits include numerous opportunities to join field trips, outings, and overnight trips as well as to enjoy wildlife films and talks, and a monthly newsletter, ...


Young Researchers Club

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The Young Researchers Club gives children aged 8-13 a chance to explore the themes of nature and culture using museum collections and experts.


AccessKenya Group

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AccessKenya is Kenya's leading Internet Service Provider (ISP). The Group’s key products include: Broadband Max and Broadband Max 2, Building Solution, OutSource IT, Bundu, Yello, Access@Home and @Home portal. AccessKenya ...


Morning Bird Walk

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Every Wednesday morning at 8.45am, these 3 to 3 and a half hour walks are organized by Nature Kenya (formerly East African Natural History Society). Participants meet at the car ...


Creativity Gallery, Nairobi National Museum

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This is for the purposes of enhancing knowledge, appreciation, respect and sustainable utilization of cultural resources for the benefit of Kenya and the world.


African Heritage Design Company - Museum

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The African Heritage Design Company was born from African Heritage Ltd. It is a dynamic company offering collections of Pan-African designs to the world. They offer ethnic and contemporary works ...


Speaking of Art and Cosmopolitans 06 Aug 2013


So what better way to promote the work of two amazing artists by using a company that supports art and provides plenty of boozy delight? Absolut Vodka teamed up with the Nairobi National Museum to bring forth an exhibition that celebrated Kenya at 50 years.


Moipei Quartet join the cancer battle 23 Dec 2011


It first began with 9 year old Rose Nasimiyu a cancer patient who produced the song "I believe", promising not to give up fighting cancer a disease that is now affecting many.


Exploring Nairobi for Hidden Gems 27 Jun 2011


Take a fresh look at what Nairobi has to offer – trips and treats that you may not have thought of before but which will brighten up the months and maybe even teach you a thing or two.


Alternative Substrates 08 Aug 2012


Sanaa ya Makaratasi (art on paper) - Until 31st October 2012 – Nairobi National Museum Paul Onditi – Until 22nd August 2012 – One Off Contemporary Art Gallery.The much anticipated ‘interactive’ exhibition of Paul Onditi opened on 29th July to a very positive audience.