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Hip Hop Dance Classes Jan. 20, 2015 - April 29, 2015

What's On

Come learn the latest moves from your favorite music videos from an instructor who used to dance with a professional hip hop dance crew in Los Angeles and Chicago.


The Good Life Fridays with DJ Mr T April 24, 2015 - June 24, 2015

What's On

Event sponsored by Johnnie Walker Black Label. This is a certified all night fun. Welcome to the Good Life


Fun Facts About Your Favorite 2014 Songs 17 Dec 2014


This year was a huge one for music. We all have our favorites from 2014, from break out stars like Meghan Trainor and Sam Smith to industry veterans like Beyoncé and Sia, but how much do we really know about the hits they gave us this year?


HOT: Daniel Peter 06 Sep 2012


Star Profile: Daniel PeterTwitter Handle: @danielpeter254


Blue Sammy

Biz Directory

Serves Continental dishes and small snacks. The bar has all your favorite wines, beers and spirits.


Club Afrique

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A disco and pub with great entertainment both for the young and old (family entertainment). We also have all your favorite drinks.


Eden Bar & Restaurant

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We have all your favorite drinks at a good price.


Farrih Pub

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Farrih Pub has the best entertainment and all your favorite drinks.


Club Long Life

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We have a variety of drinks as you listen to your favorite hits.


Language Hub Enterprises

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We offer language services including; Kiswahili, English, French and Dholuo. Lessons are flexible, fun and are conducted conveniently at your home, office or favorite coffee shop.


Klub Quest Nanyuki

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Come party, watch your favorite team in High Definition television and a HD projector. You will never miss a play! Dance all night until morning. Open every day!


Synergy Bar & Grill

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A synergy of taste and style. come and treat yourself in our paradise. we offer customers ambiance and stunning enjoyment. all your favorite drinks are available at an affordable price. ...


The Mug Restaurant

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The Mug is a strictly halal coffee house where you can enjoy your favorite meal, be it vegetarian, tea, soup, snacks, salads, pies, pasta, milkshake, lunch, dinner, coffee, chicken, Cake, ...


Arfa Lounge - IMAX

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A combination of coziness and the ambiance of a classic mini ­theatre.


Buy New: Yamaha Musical Instruments 05 Nov 2014


Yamahas Tyros 5&4-Yamaha PSR S710,900,910,950-Yamaha LS9-Korg Pa3X -Korg PA800-Korg M388. Contact us if you want the price and more details about the instrument. We also offer you so much discount on the keyboard.


Ocean Basket

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Ocean Basket is South Africa’s favorite chain of seafood restaurants. You will find only the freshest seafood at Ocean Basket. Plus, some nice wines to make a great meal even greater.


Model of the Week: Ruth Murugi 20 Feb 2014


I believe its improving progressively, although we need more stylists


Model of the Week: Michael Maru 07 May 2014


Be yourself, don’t conform or settle for less than you deserve. Create your own trend and stand out!


Hot: Gerald Langiri 26 Apr 2012


“Laughing is easily my second favorite thing, after eating.”