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Lakuku offers a variety of cooking including: Kitchen Managementcourse Basic Cooking Course Advanced Cooking Course Soups and Salads Baking Course Sushi Course Kids Summer Cooking From May Lakuku will be ...


What Kenyan runners eat 26 Nov 2009


Are Kenyans such good runners because of what they eat?  Kenyan runners, especially of the Kalenjin tribe, have dominated international middle- and long-distance running for over 40 years. From 1980 on, about 40% of the top honours available to men in international athletics have been earned by Kalenjin, the so-called “running tribe“ of Kenya. What is their secret?


Should you eat mouldy food? 08 Sep 2009


Mould grows on food, especially when it is warm and humid. Mould is a serious problem because it produces the poison aflatoxin and this is one of the most powerful cancer-causing substances we know. It’s so bad, we shouldn’t even touch it! Aflatoxin can also cause allergies and a big dose of aflatoxin can damage the liver and directly kill humans or animals.  We should also not feed mouldy feeds to our livestock because the poison accumulates in milk and flesh and gets back into our food chain.