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KB Monthly Newspaper 05 Feb 2013


The KenyaBuzz newspaper is a FREE monthly publication with information about events in Kenya.


Frank Odoi Re-Lived at Alliance Francaise 23 Jul 2013


Frank Odoi settled in Kenya over 30 years ago from his native Ghana. His work has appeared in various newspapers in the East African region including- The Daily Nation; The Standard; The Star and The Daily Monitor.


Don't Let Me Go March 18, 2015 - April 19, 2015

What's On

In this hilarious comedy of riotous marital misunderstandings, a couple attempts to flee the country. With the police in hot pursuit, they assume various identities as they battle to keep their secrets secret


If This Kenyan Film Doesn't Give You The Chills, Nothing Ever Will! 23 May 2014


Mark Maina, director of the film Too Late, will be launching his latest film Consigned to Oblivion in July at the Alliance Francaise. The film is a neo-noir psychological thriller starring Faith Kibathi, Kevin Mugo and Vincent Masore.


Play for Laughs; Men Are From Kenya, Women from Pluto 03 Jun 2011


Heartstrings Kenya’s new play at the Alliance Francaise is a hilarious production that is guaranteed to have you in fits of laughter


HOT: Valentine Ziki 27 Mar 2013


The voluptuous Valentine Ziki is one of Kenya’s soon-to-be-discovered talents. She is an actress and musician in Nairobi whose passions include art, songwriting, dance and travel.


KB Monthly Newspaper 29 Jun 2010


The KenyaBuzz newspaper is a FREE monthly publication with information about events in Kenya.


Nominees for the 1st Riverwood Academy Awards 07 Mar 2014


As we approach 15th March 2014, the date that the 1st Riverwood academy awards will take place at Alliance Francaise, the nominees were finally unveiled at Kenya National theatre on 26th February to special guests of the Riverwood ensemble, filmmakers and journalists.


Kenya Music Week 28 Sep 2010


This annual public celebration of local music features:  


Blood of Women: A Film on Female Genital Mutilation by Christian Lajoumard 20 Mar 2013


After watching the film and cringing to a point of psychological shut out, I have a firm belief that education is very much needed...Lives are being lost for no reason while others are being irreparably ruined because of faulty traditions.


Ndoto Za Lele 02 Feb 2012


Live band music is catching popularity in the Kenyan arts scene.


Sauti Sol band profile 13 Mar 2012


The sensational all male Kenyan quartet Sauti Sol has achieved much since their market break in 2009 with the album Mwanzo. The band’s name is a connection of Kiswahili and Spanish with the word “Sauti” meaning “Music” and the word “Sol” being “Sun” in Spanish.


​SAMOSA Festival 2012 Preview 13 Sep 2012


When most people around the world hear the word “Samosa” their mouths begin to water. The drooling is no doubt a result of vivid fantasies of biting into a hot triangular flour pocket filled with shallow fried spicy beef. But the Samosa in “SAMOSA Festival” has so much more to do with the architecture and meaning of the food than the food itself.


Yunasi Band Profile 07 Aug 2013


With top music industry and world media awards, massive international festival performances and growing worldwide recognition it’s only a matter of time before Yunasi seriously hit the big time.


Winners announced as 1st Riverwood Academy Award succumbs public scrutiny 04 Apr 2014


Red Carpet? Check. Great Lighting? Check. Trophies? Check. Sound? Uhhmm...wasn't well checked. Never the less, the who’s who in the Kenyan Film Industry once again met at the auspicious 1st ever Riverwood Academy Awards to finally crown the winners on the 15th of March 2014.


School’s Out! Now What? Our Guide To Summer Camps and Activities In Nairobi 30 Jun 2011


It’s that time of year again – the skies have clouded over, the evenings have turned chilly and the kids are out of school. Of course, we want to spend as much time as we can with the little darlings but some of us have to work, and sometimes even the most devoted parent needs a little help in keeping young minds and bodies active. Here are some ideas for summer clubs and activities across Nairobi.