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FiRe Award 2014

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The theme for this year is "Enhancing your brand through Integrated Reporting". Conference keynote speaker is Ms. Nuru Mugambi and Chief guest for the award ceremony & gala dinner is Mr. Michael Armstrong.

Evenings with Liron


Evenings with Liron. Chapter II. The acoustic set

Mommy and Me - Post Natal Yoga


Now you've had your precious little one, but how are you going to get your body back to its pre-baby state? Yoga. A fun and exciting play opportunity for you and baby! Come ready to sweat, stretch, giggle and coo!

Labour Laws & Compliance Seminar

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Seminar about: Course areas 1. Labour Rights in the Constitution 2. Current developments and trends in Employment and Labour Laws in Kenya 3. Purpose of the labour laws, 2007 4. The Labour laws (i) Employment Act (ii) Labour Institutions Act (iii) Work Injury Benefits Act (iv) Labour Relations Act (v) Occupational Safety and Health Act

Kiswahili Na Utandawazi Conference 2014

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The theme will be Kiswahili and Globalization with Keynote Speakers; Prof. Said A. Mohamed, Prof. Kimani Njogu, Prof. Clara Momanyi, Prof. Rocha Chimera, Prof. Chacha Nyaigoti Chacha and Prof. Ken Walibora.

The Affordable Art Show

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The Kenya Museum Society offers more than 200 pieces of juried artwork from artists in Kenya. The pieces are all priced below KES 99,999, including mounted pieces for sale at KES 10,000.

National Museums of Kenya 5th Science Expo 2014

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The expo will feature the following sub-themes: Art, culture and tourism; biodiversity conservation and tourism; heritage sites: what they portend for Kenya's tourism; Kenya: The Cradle of Mankind.

Setting Up a Profitable Business

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Two day practical workshop to go through all elements that distinguishes a surviving company from a striving one: deep dive into who really is your market, how your offering addresses the needs of this market, how to set the right price and how to deal with competition.

Healing The Rift: The Path of the Liberated Heart

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The focus in this 3 day gathering, held in the beautiful, natural setting of Suyian, will be understanding and transforming energetic patterns that block us from authentic capacity to open our heart centers to others, and the planet.

The Fab50 Ladies Retreat

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An exciting weekend getaway for women in their 40s and 50s. This is a unique experience with conversations and creative activities where women, professional and inspirational speakers talk all things health and sexuality, business, career and lifestyle.