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Haru Sushi Restaurant review 18 Feb 2010

Haru Sushi Restaurant review

The restaurant has a modern but unpretentious design with a long bar on the left side. At first I thought there was only a bar but soon learned that the main dining is upstairs. Haru has about 10 tables and on the night we went (Thursday), it was almost full. The owners got the size just right – it has an intimate feel that makes it a great place to go with friends for dinner or lunch. The staff is friendly and atmosphere very relaxing.

But the best part about Haru is the food. Our party of six was feeling adventurous and we started with ‘Chawanmusi’ (prawn custard). Prawn custard looks just like it sounds but it  was strangely good.  The Kim-Chi (Korean cabbage salad) was, according to my friend, ‘not rotten enough’, but was definitely as stinky as it should be! We also tried the prawn and seafood tempura and, being a bit fussy, there was a tiny bit too much batter. Another starter we sampled was pork Gyozas and they were absolutely delicious. Gyozas are similar to Chinese Dim Sum- they are also lightly steamed (and lightly fried) parcels with meat at the centre but are much lighter on the pastry.

Haru’s sushi is excellent, specially the unagi (eel) sushi. One of our party has made it a point to sample the unagi sushi at every restaurant in Nairobi (as she is a big fan), and has rated Haru’s as being the best in town.  All the sashimi was also excellent and very fresh.

We paid about Kshs 1,000 each for the food and we had a lot! The full bill is a secret as we also sampled Sake in abundance, but even then Haru is very good value and I can recommend it.  I will certainly be back soon.

Haru Sushi and Shabu Restaurant

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