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Resolved to read more in 2014? Try Zinio 03 Jan 2014 | By Tim Mworia

Resolved to read more in 2014? Try Zinio

Top of most New Year’s Resolutions lists is always “lose weight and get fit” and “quit smoking”. Needless to state, these are the two most broken resolutions in history. Half the people have already broken them by the 4th day of January.

However, the third most popular resolution, “read more”, is a bit easier to realize. Even more so now with technology at hand. Which brings me to Zinio Magazine Reader. Zinio is a reader app created by Zinio’s online store which is a distribution service for digital magazines.

Zinio connects you with the stories that shape history from the magazines that matter to you. The app lets you browse thousands of digital magazines from around the world. They have agreements with major global publishers to offer monthly and yearly e-magazine issues. They have different subscription options at predominantly discounted prices and apart from this, they also give access to free articles with no subscription.

The magazines range from news, politics, technology, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, travel and are available in every major global language. The titles include among others XXL, Star, Economist, History, Time, National Geographic, Playboy Top Gear and Vogue.

Subscribers will find some features on Zinio quite interesting particularly the Z-Pass. With this, you receive three free magazines in the first month with a $5 renewal option every month after that. The catch is you can pick any three publications in their entire e-library.

The app is aesthetically pleasing and functions quite easily. Unlike the Nook readers, it has no lags when flipping through pages. The maturity of the Zinio platform may be attributed to their longevity in the online magazine business. The bonus they have over Barnes & Noble and Amazon is the extras they provide. Zinio has lots of freebies and their fully stocked photography and music sections are also a thrill.

Zinio App is available on both iOS and Android.

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By Tim Mworia