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Nanyuki News- October 8th, Number 50a 10 Oct 2012 | By David C Parkinson OBE

Nanyuki News- October 8th, Number 50a


Friday night is tapas and Pub Quiz Night : Cape Chestnut, Friday 12th October Teams should have no more than six members.  Please arrive by 7:30pm to register, the quiz starts at 8:00pm.  There will be a 100 shilling registration fee per team member and the winning team gets the pot! Kindly RSVP to Alpana if you will be eating tapas: 0722768068 Curry Lunch: Cape Chestnut, Sunday 14th October Wild Camel Day: BOBONG, Rumuruti, Laikipia, Saturday, 20th October, 2012 Events: Cross-country Half Marathon, Fun Run, Track Races for all ages, Camel Track Races, Tricamethon, Camel Polo, Camel Rides, Bike Track Race (participants for bicycle races please bring a bike), Camel auction, Sponsors stalls, farm and community products, Fun activities for all the family, Bar, Nyama Choma and canteens available.  Time: 7 am start of Fun Run and Half Marathon at the Bobong camp site.  Finish line at the camel polo field from approximately 8 am. Closing time for Run participants: 11am. Polo and Camel races start approximately 11 am. Half Marathon Entrance: sh500, 10 km Fun Run sh200. Registration for Half Marathon open from September 20th, 2012. Final registrations 17th October Registrations for Fun Run 19th. Camping at the Bobong camp sites available on enquiry. Contact:, Tel  0722 936177 or 0735 243075. Lodging in Nyahururu, Rumuruti and on neighbouring ranches on enquiry, Contacts: , Farmers’ Market and Curry Lunch: Cape Chestnut, Sunday 28th  October. Tables and entrance free Harvest Festival: Timau Anglican Church, Sunday 4th November 10.30am Preacher: The Rt. Rev. Rob Martin (Bishop of Marsabit).  All welcome! Please bring harvest gifts from your shamba and good voices for the hymns (piano -  Millicent Songoro) Toto Mornings: Braeburn Nanyuki School, Every alternate Thursday from 9.00am. The Toto Morning group will happen.  It is essential that Mums or Dads be present with their babies for this half hourly session (no carers), and the cost will still be kshs. 450.00. If you would then like to leave your child and ayah, for a short period up to 12.00am this will then be possible.  Please let your friends and family know about our sessions, as we would like to welcome as many young mum’s as possible within the community to come and join us Yoga with Sue Fusco: Lily Pond, Tuesday Mornings 8.45am – 10.15am. Practice Practice Practice all is coming. Questions? Please feel free to call or email me: 0733 608 597, SUE@FUSKAI.COM Advertising in the Nanyuki News

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CLASSIFIED Rose plants for sale Tambuzi Ltd – 1000/- for a crate,  come and collect any Friday afternoon from the farm. Contact:  Sally Share Mozart’s Opera “The Marriage of Figaro” will be performed LIVE From the 24th to the 30th of October. Choose your date! October 2012 Wednesday 24th Muthaiga Country Club matinee at 2.30 p.m. sh1,800 and sh2,200 only for Members and their guest, Thursday 25th Muthaiga Country Club evening at 6.30 p.m. sh2,400 and sh2,600 only for Members and their guests, Saturday 27th at Kenya National Theatre, evening at 6.00 p.m. sh700 for adults and sh400  for students, Sunday 28th at Kenya National Theatre, matinee at 2.00 p.m. sh700 for adults and sh400 for students, Tuesday 30th at Brook house Theatre in Langata, at 7.00 p.m. sh1,500 for adults and sh500 for students November in Arusha Tanzania Friday 1st Chaibora Opera House in Usa River, Saturday 2nd at MOSS HOUSE  near TGT, Both at 6.30 p.m US dollar 40 for adults and 20 for students. Mozart’s Opera “The Marriage of Figaro” will be performed LIVE in a hilariously funny English translation. Recitative will be delivered in spoken dialogue for a better understanding of the plot, leaving Mozart’s music intact in all its glory. It is performed by an all Kenyan cast that includes the famous Ian Mbugua and Mary Moipei. They will prove to you that there is TALENT IN KENYA!

Nanyuki News- October 8th, Number 50a
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