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Nanyuki News May Edition 07 May 2012 | By Nanyuki News

Nanyuki News May Edition

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Upcoming Events

Saturday 5th May A hot Night….of Quiz with Curry at the Eatery; Kenyatta Highway. Some hot, some not Tables of upto 6 1,000ks for quiz (per table)winner takes all Main meal 700ks per person., TEL 0622031829 for more details or to book.

Wednesday 9th May at Get Smart. Jewellery Making. Anybody welcome. *A FEW PLACES LEFT 6 weekly sessions. course 1 will be; ‘Jewellery making- the basics.’ , tel 0732482216. Course details can be sent to you by email

Sunday 13thMay at Cape Chestnut. Curry Lunch

Sunday 27thMay at Cape Chestnut. Farmers’ Market and Curry Lunch. Tables and Entrance Free. Bring your products or come and buy. Relax over Alpana’s famous curry afterwards.

Saturday, 26thMay 9.30am 1.30pm at Mpala Research Centre. Mpala Discovery Day 2012. On will be hosting its Discovery Day. All are welcome to come visit Mpala, meet some of our researchers, and learn about the research being conducted out here. Please RSVP to if you’d like to attend.

Every alternate Thursday from 9.00am at Braeburn Nanyuki School. Toto Mornings. The Toto Morning group will happen. It is essential that Mums or Dads be present with their babies for this half hourly session (no carers), and the cost will still be kshs. 450.00. If you would then like to leave your child and ayah, for a short period up to 12.00am this will then be possible. Please let your friends and family know about our sessions, as we would like to welcome as many young mum’s as possible within the community to come and join us

Tuesday Mornings 8.45am – 10.15am at Lily Pond. YOGA WITH SUE FUSCO. Practice PracticePractice all is coming. Questions? Please feel free to call or email me: 0733 608 597, SUE@FUSKAI.COM

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AN OPEN LETTER TO THE GREATER NANYUKI COMMUNITY: 5 April, 2012 RE: JEAN S. HEPWORTH Dear All, My retirement from working with the Nanyuki Municipal Council Childrens Home (CEDEC) is a very great sadness. Due to my ill health, my family has finally put their foot down! I have had eight and a half years of joy. Thank you all who have supported me throughout with varied donations allowing me to give children experiences they never believed they could have. Too many names to mention, but the kids and I will never forget. Thank you, Cucu

Amendments to Traffic Laws

Kindly take note that there have been amendments in TRAFFIC Rules, which have been passed by the Parliament and Gazetted meaning they are effective. Staff members are to be guided by the Amendment of sectionF\ 12 of Cap 403 in relation to registration plates In brief, the amendments are regarding: •Number plates- When you sell your vehicle, you should surrender the number plates to the registrar of motorvehicles and when you fail to renew the insurance , remember to surrender the number plates to the registrar otherwise you risk being arrested and fined

•Overlapping- Driving on pavement or through a petrol station to avoid traffic- You risk a fine of Ksh 30,000 or 3 months imprisonment or BOTH

Speeding – when you speed- You risk a fine of Ksh 10,000 or 3 months imprisonment or Both

PSV operators- Should adhere to the uniforms and Michuki rules

•Motor Cycle operators- ONE PASSENGER only and the passenger and driver must be in reflective vests and helmets- otherwise you risk a fine of ksh 10,000 and in default 12 months imprisonment

Kindly see the attached amendments with all the details. Life imprisonment for persons convicted of causing death by dangerous driving – giving it the same status as murder Road blocks are to be gazette prior to being mounted by the police Driving licenses of speed limit violators shall be suspended for not less than 3 years if the person has exceeded speed limit by more than 10 kph and if offence is repeated 3 or more times. Mandatory eye test every 3 years for licensed drivers. And if you fail the test then license is withdrawn. All law enforcement officers are now effectively mandated to deal with traffic issues with the abolition of the Traffic Department under the Kenya Police Service Act. BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE LAW!

The UasoNgiro Baboon Project

is based near 2 small villages, Il Polei and DolDol in the Laikipia District. The project’s primary focus is to follow habituated baboon troops. However, as the baboons range on community land it brings them into direct conflict with local people. Because of this, the project has always worked closely with the community. We came here in 2009, during one of the worst droughts Kenya has ever seen. Most people lost their livelihoods and turned to charcoal burning and sand harvesting. Other issues became apparent; plastic bags are a modern commodity and there was no system for discarding rubbish. The village centres’ in particular were a mess, hazardous to both livestock and the people that lived there. The Conservation Club in Il Polei started following a meeting between the Community Liaison Officer Jonathan Rana and UNBP Deputy Directors. During the meeting, various conflict issues were discussed. It was clear that what was missing was education about the effects of long term habitat damage and rubbish. Many children knew little about the natural world they lived in. We believed that with the right education then the youth of today could come up with solutions of their own to fight the problems at hand. In January 2010, the first Conservation Club was started in Il Polei Primary School for 40 children between the ages of 10 and 13. Following the success of the Il Polei club, a second club was set up and now there are 4 clubs in KiwanjaNdege and Il Polei Primary School, totalling around 100 children. We were lucky enough to secure funds from the Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall to cover costs for one year. With this money we have begun to create a tree nursery so we can replant some of the worst affected areas and teach the children how to nurture and grow trees. We now have more materials for fun educational activities and we have created a curriculum of approximately 15 lesson plans plus some additional activities. Overall the aim is to broaden the children’s knowledge of conservation and wildlife issues, particularly those relevant to their area, whilst maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We hope to extend to another school in the SoitOudo area, build an activity pack for distribution around schools and eventually hold a workshop to teach other people how to run an environmental club. Jessica Graham and Rose Argall, UNBP Deputy Directors


Cancer is a shift in the way your cells are functioning. Cancer is not something attacking your body, rather, it is a process which your cells have begun which is not healthy for your body. In saying this, cancer is a biological response by your body to certain factors. Natural views of why cancer manifests include: -Increased toxicity in the body, which causes cell DNA damage, hence causing mutations -Decreased immunity, therefore an inability for your body to get rid of mutant cells -Poor diet, which causes sugar imbalances and chronic inflammation, leading to cell mutations and a toxic environment -Blockages of energetic meridians, which interfere with the flow of energy, or Qi, in your organs, hence creating illness -And sometimes, cancer is seen as a result of unresolved emotions which are beginning to affect your cells.

A diet of colourful vegetables high in antioxidants quenches free radicals which cause DNA damage. Fish oils reduce inflammation and activate enzymes necessary for cellular detoxification. Detoxification protocols ensure all your organs start functioning properly and give your cells a chance to breathe – always a good thing. Regular exercise, meditation and yoga oxygenate your tissues and relieve stress. Oxygenating tissues is always a good thing because cancer cells cannot survive in oxygen rich environments. Alkalinizing your body with certain foods (celery, Kale, lots of greens, etc) also enhances oxygen transport into your cells. Talking about your problems and resolving shocking experiences or unnecessary grief gives you a chance to recover from and prevent future illnesses. Wishing you the best in health, Ameet Ameet Aggarwal ND is a naturopathic doctor, advanced Bowen Therapist and practices Gestalt psychotherapy in Nairobi and Nanyuki. Book your appointment through +254 727 701002 or email . Read more about naturopathic medicine on and stay engaged with health tips on


Mitumba Art See the wide range of clothes (Mitumba and bespoke); beautifully decorated cushions, table runners and other soft furnishings; reupholster old , worn and tired furniture. Order new curtains. Contact: Sonja 0721 374714 or

The Flower Shop opens its doors this Wednesday 2nd May. Pop-in for coffee and cake from 9am. The shop is located opposite Oil Libya in Ebenezer Flats which is just around the corner from Nakumatt and next to the NSSF offices. Telephone: 070 7732299. For all your floral needs, fabulous furniture and beautiful crafts

Get Beautiful the Salon; <span style="text-decoration: underline;"> May brings.... Nails! a new dimension </span> . </strong> <strong> We bring to Nanyuki; ‘Gel nails,’ vast improvement on acrylic nails. </strong> <strong> *For May only- gel nail services at half price. Also, other Nail art options; hand painting &amp; stamping. Also, due to customer demand- we have some yummy new international nail varnishes. Quality and colour second to none to buy for own use or as part of our manicure/pedicure services. </strong> Bookings reception on tel; 062 203 1829 OR email Wizzy;

Get Smart with what you buy- W’eve had a change! Tis true a business- should never stand still but keep moving forward, but never more so than in Nanyuki where life changes fast…Still offering a few selected ladies wear specials but; Clothing section gearing up towards- Menswear! shorts, shirts, trews, jumpers, Jackets. Come in and select, or even better give us your personal measurements and an idea or sample of what he wants. Let us shop for you ..or him! Not ‘ just another curio shop ,’ but offering ‘ quirky’ different items , many locally made. Come and see what stuff we have….jewellery specials, handmade glasses and vases from bottles, ‘Ikuni?!’ Other quirky recycled but useful ‘in another life items, including our very own bag range ‘Cast offs’ 2 One Offs’. Get fed the Eatery </span> </strong> *agents for Strawberries/cheese/yoghurt/  eco honey/Fresh frozen duck &amp; rabbit/ in house oven ready meals. Get Beautifulthe salon, then Get Smart@the quirky Boutique….      before you get fed the Eatery! Kenyatta Highway right beside Standard charter bank. Protected parking on request. <em> <strong> <strong> We look forward to your custom in 2012 - from all Get Beautiful, Get smart, Get fed

Serway Automotive LTD specialized in road construction, maintenance/grading of roads, dam construction including augmentation and desilting, landscaping and general earth works. For enquiries please contact. Bernd Serway on 0722-517030 or Peter Maina 0722-466779. E-mail P.O.Box: 688. 10400 Nanyuki

Sanyati Fencing Sanyati Fencing Ltd is a specialist in SECURITY and WILDLIFE BARRIER electric fences in urban and rural settings. Operating across East Africa since 1992, Sanyati Fencing Ltd delivers the highest customer service and quality available. We also carry out custom construction. Call today for a free, personal consultation. Cell: 0720 621 400/0735 333 149 Email: Website:

Altitude Health Club Aerobics Classes namely – Dance, Step, Taebo, Zumba and Body Toning and we have four classes daily from Monday to Friday that run for one hour starting at the following times:- 6.30am to 7.30am; 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm; 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm; 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm Martial Arts – Tae Kwon Do every Saturday at 2-3 & 3-4 pm for Kids; 4 pm for Adults Salsa Classes every Saturday at 5-7 pm Our Operating Hours :- Monday to Friday 6.15 am to 8.45 pm; Saturday 8.00 am to 7.00 pm; Sunday 1.00pm to 4.00 pm We have both Cardio ( treadmill, upright bicycles, step race and a rower ) and strength equipment and full times trainers to take you through your training sessions. Coming soon – Aqua Aerobics and Swimming lessons. Location: K.F.A Building, 1st Floor, above Farm Feeds (K.F.A Shop), opposite the main entrance to Nakumatt

Mukima Ridge House For Rent Short-term lets for Kshs20,000 per house per day, with house steward, self-catering. Three ensuite bedrooms, sleeping max 6 people. Perfect for both business or leisure visitors. Optional cook/fullboard. Guest cottage with 2 ensuite bedrooms, sleeping 4, Kshs 10,000 in combination with above. An additional fully fitted, selfcatering guest cottage with 2 ensuite bedrooms, sleeping 4, Kshs 15,000. Contact: Leslie Duckworth <>

Shop From Home Kenya’s top 200 brands available online! Delivery within Kenya and worldwide. Tel:  0700 930 853

The Eatery 2012 has changed. Ambience now sorted and settled- you like it, good coffee now being served again, milkshakes never stopped being good….. weekly changing ‘fresh food on the go’ menu; gathering speed and getting good feedback- thanks! New daytime and evening menus being gobbled up (guess you like them then!) Pizzas & other takeaways still going out the door. The Eatery now opens; Wednesday & Saturday evenings for; Restaurant meals, takeaways / delivery menu, Last orders for take away 9pm. As always we remain available for bookings of 6 people or more for other nights (with a little notice) Happy to open for you otherwise we close at 7pm on Mon, Tues Thurs and Frid. Call reception; 062 203 1829 to make a private booking, or; kitchen 0703369696 for food delivery ‘Stuff’ to take away from the Get beautiful, Get Smart, Get Fed building; (apart from sporting a new haircut, a handmade vase and a yummy milkshake…) *Ready to eat meals, plus local whole duck and rabbit. Also butter, cream and ice cream when available- all from our freezer. * Local Eco honey, various preserves, nettle tea, oils….. *In house made Birthday cakes, bread rolls etc to order *Agents for local super strawberries and cheese.(various types)Orders taken for Weds collection. *Books & DVDS free of charge! (you have to bring one in to take one away- join our club) Changing to meet our customer’s demands in 2012- Karibu!

Palliative Care WHO definition of Palliative Care: “An approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problems associated with life limiting illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems physical, psychological and spiritual.” Based in Nanyuki, at Maria Arcade, behind the New market, the Centre offers Home based palliative care, with out-patient services, home visits, day care, bereavement services, and training for health and volunteer care-providers. Contact Lucy Maina, KRCHN, on 0720-959912, or 0716-862762 for further information, assistance, or to Volunteer in any way. FOR HIRE. Tent seating 100 people, smart white tent, KSh 2300/= per day, with assistant to erect and dismantle tent. 30 chairs for Ksh 10/= each per day, and 5 white tables for Ksh 100/= each. Please contact Laikipia Palliative Care Centre: tel 0716 862762 or 0720959912 or e-mail Your social event can help us take home-based care to remote areas!

Architectural Services Swiss Architect, Dipl.Arch. ETH/SIA , MAAK (Arch) 20 years work experience, 4 years of which in Kenya, is offering architecural services in nanyuki now. Contact: RegulaWacker, P.O.Box 1712, 10400 Nanyuki, mobile: 0710 799 050 email:


4WD workhorse Preferably old, experienced but reliable and in fair condition. Diesel preferred. Interested in Landcruiser VX, Toyota Surf, Hilux Double cab Pickup, Nissan Patrol, or similar. Have such a vehicle sitting in your back yard? Contact: 0710 799 050 email:

For Sale

LANDCRUISER VX Year 2003. Bought TOYOTA Kenya Brand NEW HDJ 100 Series. Colour SILVER 1 user & company maintained Manual Transmission. For more details call Ben 0728488128.

Stitch (Automatic). Lovely South African 17 years old, fit, sound mare for sale. Homebred horses coming through forces sale. Stitch has been with us for the last six years on safari. She has a fantastic temperament, no vices, good to box. Loves hacking out and flat work. Can be keen at the gallop on the big open plains. Lives in or out. Shod in front. EAHS fully up to date till January 2013 both SA and Dubai vaccines. Tetanus and Rabies due January 2013. Teeth and back have been checked regularly and last done July 2011. Wormed to date. Sad sale, good home only. 165,000 Kshs. Please contact: Felicia Collie on 0725807551 or .Gordie Church on 0722781687. Horse based near Naro Moro on Sangare Ranch. Thorowgoodmaxam saddle 17 1/2 inch, lightweight good condition 25,000 Kshs (can be seen at shop next to Nanyuki Dormans). Hardly used full sized red butterfly Numnahs 7 in total 1000 Kshs each. Please contact: Felicia Collie on 0725807551 or

Two Brand New Bras wrong size bought in error from UK. Size 34A ‘Passionata.’ Both white but different designs. Extremly pretty.5,000ksh each. Can be viewed at the Eatery, Kenyatta highway. ‘Esse’ Wood Fired Cooker/Hot Water Boiler System including double skinned stainless steel flue system. Think better than Rayburn and Aga! Hardly used, imported from manufacturer in Somerset, Uk. Serious piece of kit! Genuine reason for sale. Manual available to view at the Eatery, cooker at Ngobit. Tel 0732 482216

10 acre plot for sale in Mukima Trees and virgin vegetation, gently sloping to seasonal stream, good views of Mt. Kenya, Water and electricity nearby. 15m from town centre. Contact: 0710 799 050 email:

Available for Rent from June/July Large furnished house overlooking the EwasoNyiro River, approximately an hour out of Nanyuki, next to Ol Jogi/ El Karama. The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms in the main house, and a separate guest cottage with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Please contact Giles on 0733299592, or Ali on 0722814926

Freehold Coast Plot For Sale 10 Acres Ngomeni Beach Front. Price On Application. Call 0722208609 For More Details

Travel Offers

Sunday Brunch Buffet Where Sunday’s are laid back and fun. Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club off¬ers an experience that’s perfectly with what Sundays are meant to be; a time to unwind, enjoy a good meal and have fun with family in the midst of Manicured gardens, tranquil streams and ponds. If an ‘all you can eat’ barbecue, unlimited alcoholic drinks (beer & wine) and a lazy day in an idyllic setting is the thing for you, then the place to be is Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club. You can treat the family to a delicious Sunday Brunch at Tusks Restaurant which provides cosy indoor dining or you can opt to sit on the Terrace which has a fantastic view of the majestic mountain or choose to relax at the Courtyard in a laid-back Kenyan style. Sunday Brunch specialities include ‘made to order omelettes’, waffles, pancakes, fresh salads from our very own herb garden, pasta, chef ’s carving station and a hamburger station. Included is a sumptuous selection of barbecue, smoky sausages, roast beef and lamb ribs. Loads of fun for the kids with jumping castle, clown and wholesome outdoor activities in the kids playground. Food Only: Kshs 2,200/- Food & Drinks (select beer & wine): Kshs 4,500/- 20% discount for 2012 paid members Children under 5 years eat free and 50% o for children below 12 years Served every Sunday from 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Please contact or call 0723-786992

Mount Kenya walking trips Local guide John Karumba can organise tailor-made walking safaris on Mount Kenya, including overnight trips to Met Station or Old Moses, long weekends hiking on the Chogoria side or the classic summit climb to Point Lenana. You can camp off the beaten track, trekking from the Chogoria side to Lakes Ellis and Michaelson and climb to Point Lenana from Shipton’s Camp, returning on the Sirimon route. A more relaxing option is to stay at the Chogoria Bandas and enjoy scenic day hikes to Lake Ellis, Mugi Hill and the Nithi Falls, returning to your cottage in the evenings for a welcome hot shower. If you’d like to organise a trip, please contact John Karumba on 0724 818729 or by email to

Asili Spa at Kongoni Camp-Nanyuki Our spa takes an uncompromising approach to your health, wellbeing and beauty. This goes beyond the appearance to treat, touch, scent and surround every part of you. Join us on a journey that captures the healing energy emanating from a unique destination Asili Spa at Kongoni camp a balance of nature. Come walk with us and enjoy our variety of treatments: •Hotstones massage, Aromatherapy, •four hands massage and a variety of other massages to choose from. •A variety of facials to choose from. •Asili signature,(exclusive to asili spa). •Body scrub and body wraps using only selected ingredients that are close to nature as possible. •Beauty treatments includes manicure, pedicure & waxing Special opening offer of 10% Discount on all treatments. Advanced bookings are essential For more info: Safaricom: 0707 667 616 Airtel: 0737 213 010 Email:

Bandas at Kauro in the Sera Conservancy. The two bandas are available for Easter – 10,000 a night + relevant conservation fees on a self catering basis. 1 banda can take four pax (family) the other banda Two. Contact: Alex Hunter <>

Mt Kenya Royal Cottages We are glad to introduce the latest joint in the Mount Kenya region. We are situated 1 km from the Nanyuki Airstrip. It is a quiet and peaceful place and hence our slogan….So Blissful, So Peaceful….The view of Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Ranges from the hotel is a breath-taking experience! We have 5 cottages. Charges are : sh.4500 for a double(2 people) BB, Sh.3500 single room (1 Person) BB. We organise ON REQUEST for mount Kenya climbing as well as a visit to the nearest game park (Ol Pejeta Conservancy). This is charged separately. EMILY TEL: +254 721 470008

FALCON HEIGHTS HOTEL NANYUKI ———————-EASTER 2012 WEEKEND SPECIAL ———————- This Easter at the Falcon Heights Hotel, Nanyuki. WE INVITE YOU to experience our signature luxury with *substantial savings ———————-JOIN US FOR———————- “GOOD FRIDAY DINNER 1,000/- per person with an Acapella performance “FAMILY FUN DAY” on Saturday &amp; Sunday a minimum spend of 500/- per person with Swimming, Kids entertainment (bouncing castle, face painting e.t.c.) “SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER” a minimum spend of 1000/- per person with a ‘jamming’ Poolside party and DJ “FAMILY BRUNCH” 800/- per person Poolside barbecue with entertainment for the whole family even kids ———————-FOR BOOKINGS OR ENQUIRIES———————- 0708083144 / 0721860216 OR /

Useful/Emergency Information

Name Contact Details Name Contact Information
Police or 0713 718 0720 252 235 226 Cottage Hospital 062 32666
Fire Service (24 Hours) 0722 421053 (Town only) Emergency Medical Services – 24hr Ambulance 0700 395 395


Name/Service Contact Details Name/Service Contact Details
Plumber Robert:  0724 777385 Safarilink 0720 572208
Electrician Mwangi:  0721 604979 Air Kenya 020 605745
Taxi – Local or to Nairobi Chris:  0722 784563 Firewood – large loads Joseph: 0711 176756
Taxi to Nairobi Macharia:  0732 223406 Taxi in Nairobi William:  0722 318121
Sports Club Reception 0712 691191 Tropic Air 0721 724066
Computer Problems?

Solaris Limited Nanyuki – KENYA Cottage Hospital Rd., at Cape Chestnut Telephone: 020 204 7510 Mobile: 0725 889 988 / 0750 889 988 / 0751 889 988 Email: Website:

Steven: Services and cleans – ovens, fridges, freezers and maintains and repairs all electrical items. 0723221898
Laikipia Sundries & Plastics. Textiles; mosquito nets; soft furnishings and canvas work Karanja Ngure 0722 980618 or 062 31129 Robinson Njire – Electrician 0721 623531

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