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Indispensable: White Button-Up 25 Jan 2012 | By By Annabel

Indispensable: White Button-Up

I can’t think of a more essential and versatile item of clothing, going perfectly with everything from high-waisted black flares to a sequin mini. The latter contrast of preppy and disco is fashion gold. Dress up some distressed (read: ripped) jeans with a white shirt tucked in; add a chunky neckpiece to make it bang on trend.

With my penchant for androgyny and boyish things, I pair my shirt with short skirts and brogues (flats). I button all the way up. I’ll also layer it with a light short-sleeved sweater, a really colourful one, leaving lots of exposed white sleeve. Roll-up pants (bright colour also, mine are salmon) showcase a white shirt beautifully in an understated way.

Office girls can wear it with a print pencil skirt and tons of layered jewelry, or re-invent a sleeveless cocktail dress for day by wearing it over a collared shirt; some black hose underneath pulls it all together. So many possibilities.

Of course I’ve diversified now, with black, brown, tan, and even pin-striped versions of my fitted white shirt. Now all my ties can feature, including some colourful ribbon neckties I’ve picked up along the way.

TIP: White shirts tend to lose their brightness after a few washes, so keep the bleach on hand to restore fullness of (non-)colour. Also, the crisper the shirt is ironed, the better the statement.