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HOT: Vanessa Hudgens 24 Feb 2012

HOT: Vanessa Hudgens

Name: Vanessa Hudgens Twitter Handle: @VanessaHudgens

The 22 year old sex pistol was one of the stars of the lucrative Disney franchise High School Musical from 2006-2008. In 2009 she eradicated her persona as the teen in High School Musical and jumped into adulthood. That year she joined the ranks of Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna and Paris Hilton when compromising pictures of her were “accidentally” leaked onto the internet.

Devoid of innocence, she was now ready to take on her first grown up role as “Lindy” in the modern day version of Beauty and the Beast simply named Beastly. After the movie’s failure in popularity she moved on to a sexier role as “Blondie” in Sucker Punch. In the movie, a bunch of hot girls fight and scheme their way out of a mental institution with the audience being bounced between the real world and the lead character’s fantasy portrayal of events. Lately, Vanessa can be seen alongside Dwayne Johnson and Michael Caine in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and is set to appear in two more movies this year and one in production for next year.

Spotted In: High School Musical, Bandslam, Beastly, Sucker Punch, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

KenyaBUZZ Verdict: Easily the long awaited “super siren” replacement to the forgotten Megan Fox.