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Hot: Jeremy Renner 03 May 2012 | By Andrew Onyango

Hot: Jeremy Renner

Name: Jeremy Renner Twitter Handle: N/A He is arguably the next generation hot action movie hero. Jeremy has got it all- the physique, technique and on-screen bad-ass persona which has been lacking in the action movie genre. Dare I say, he just might be a much better action hero than Colin Farrell and Tom Cruise who he starred with in S.W.A.T and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol respectively. The 41 year “young” action movie star has been involved in acting since junior college. It was there he experimented with various educational prospects including criminology and psychology but settled on theatre because of the artistic freedom it offered. He did a multitude of independent films but took a break in 2003 to take the lead villain role in the action movie S.W.A.T. which more or less gave rise to his action movie persona. After that he went on to feature in more action flicks like Hurt Locker and, more recently, The Avengers and Mission Impossible. But the years of training as an action star were, in my opinion, preparation for his role as the next mindless super agent in The Bourne Legacy, set to be released in summer this year.  Renner says his action movie roles are not planned, they just “manifest that way”. According to the actor he usually just looks to be cast in movies which will feature globally and have something for him to do in them. His simplistic approach has been more than successful because he is currently one of the most sought after names in Hollywood. Spotted In: S.W.A.T., The Lords Of Dogtown, The Avengers, Thor, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Hurt Locker KenyaBUZZ Verdict: Hot! Look into my beautiful hazel eyes while I kick you in the face repeatedly.