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HOT: Jacky Vike 17 Feb 2012

HOT: Jacky Vike

Name: Jacky Vike

Twitter Handle: N/A

The 25 year old actress features in what is probably the only Kenyan Kung-Fu action flick known as Simiyu Samurai. It is a movie by Kenyans and shot in Kenya but seemingly unheard of in the market. What sparked interest in her was the movie but her role as Zizi was as sexy as it was impressive. The high quality of the movie begs the question of why it has not been seen or promoted yet. Jacky is also a dancer and performing artist with a college level education. When she is not on screen, she enjoys travel, listening to music and making new friends. Spotted In: Simiyu Samurai, Papa Shirandula and Wash and Set

KenyaBUZZ Line: It is awesome that Kenya has a Kung Fu movie…. Who knew!?

KenyaBUZZ Verdict: Hot with a curious aura of mystery about her making her worth some investigating.

HOT: Jacky Vike