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Amaica (Peponi Road) Restaurant Review 01 Aug 2012 | By Andrew Onyango

Amaica (Peponi Road) Restaurant Review

If you are in the mood for a treat of uniquely Kenyan cuisine, which treks across the different corners of the country, then you may want to consider Amaica Restaurant.

There is something for everyone and anyone who appreciates a dining experience accompanied by mouth-watering diversity.Amaica is located along Peponi Road, approximately a kilometer away from Westgate Shopping Mall. It may be a bit tricky to find on foot but by car it is probably less tedious.

However, geography class challenges notwithstanding, the restaurant is nothing short of a National Treasure. There is a keen and obvious attention to detail in the décor which is all brown and very ethnically Kenyan.

The furniture is all wood and there are lamp sculptures of Kenyan women carrying pots on their heads. Even the waiting staff are dressed in Kanga print clothing. In addition, their hospitality is reflective of the Kenyan spirit (the one we display to tourists anyway).But a restaurant review is sealed by the food.

Firstly, Amaica prices require a regular income for consistent meals there. Basic singular meals are at an average at approximately Ksh 1,500 inclusive of a drink. However, for a person looking to experience the restaurant on a tight budget I would recommend going for the Platter.

It costs Ksh 2,500 per person for a platter but in the long run it makes more value sense because it comes with a small taste of everything made to comprise a whole meal. The portions are not small either. They are actually quite satisfactory and served in earthen serving dishes.

If you feel you have not eaten your fill, then serve some more! It all has a very homely feel because this is more or less how most Kenyan families eat meals.

Finally, Amaica is perfect for large parties because of its amazing view of a forest which is overlooked by a two level parking lot capable of holding approximately twenty cars (but this may vary depending on sizes of vehicles).

Based on location and pricing, I would say Amaica is a private sort of restaurant for people who want to eat in peace and enjoy each other’s company without feeling rushed or pressured to finish.

I would suggest it for family outings, business lunches and, if people are clever about it, wedding receptions.

Amaica Restaurant Contact Information
Gatathuru Gardens off Peponi Road, Spring Valley
Telephone: 020 4183638, 0724 477663

Review by Andrew Onyango