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SoundFest Motor Show April 4, 2015 - April 4, 2015

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SoundFest pursues a vision of continually redefining what it means to have an indispensable elegant Sound in your car, come display, listen, participate & Enjoy Sound with elegance from different cars.


Discount for Apple iPhons 6 64GB--6 16GB --128gb Apple iPhone 5S 64GB 32GB 16GB BRAND NEW 12 Jan 2015


Discount for Apple iPhons 6 64GB--6 16GB --128gb Apple iPhone 5S 64GB 32GB 16GB BRAND NEW Warranty: 1 year from the manufacturer (Apple)Condition: 100% brand new in original factory box-


4th Oil and Gas Africa Expo 2015 April 27, 2015 - April 29, 2015

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EAOGS annually provides a platform for East African ministries and the National Oil companies to engage with international and local investors to examine the vast opportunities across East Africa.


Kenya Museum Society Shop Sales Person 29 Nov 2012


Experienced sales position needed full time for the Kenya Museum Society Shop located in the premises of the National Museum of Kenya.


Lamu Museum

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The many exhibits on display represent the material culture of the various coastal people in the context in which the items are used.


Nairobi Safari Walk

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The Nairobi Safari Walk is like a zoo. You can wander through on your own or take a guided tour. As well as all the mammals on display, there are ...


Easter Friday Life April 3, 2015 - April 3, 2015

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Kicking off with some sophisticated Flamenco and Gypsy Jazz our own Roberto J Rose will be on the acoustic guitar while we are munching on our delicious wood-fired Pizza.


How to grow Hippeastrum (Amaryllis) Lilies 06 Oct 2011


Our September weather this year has been very unusual. Instead of the normal sunny spring-like days as we break away from the cloud and cold of July and August, this year saw many days very August- like interspersed with the odd day or two of hot sun. This has affected the little spring flower display that we normally get at this time of year and now we are into the hot, cloudless days of October.


Snake Park

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Located within the compound of the Nairobi National Museum, the snake park displays cobras, puff adders, mambas and the large African-Rock python (non-poisonous) found only in Kenya. Several species of ...


Call For Artworks 14 Mar 2014


The National Museums of Kenya invites tenders from interested and competent artists to create five (5) original artworks for public display in the newly constructed terminal four (4) at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).


21st Kenya Home Expo April 16, 2015 - April 19, 2015

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The Kenya Homes Expo gives exhibitors a chance to make quick sales while buyers get good bargains.


Mũmbi’s School of Writing and Performance: Module 3 - Performance for the Stage March 27, 2015 - March 30, 2015

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With over 30 years experience as an actor, director, writer and producer, Mũmbi Kaigwa will share her knowledge.


For easy viewing, f.lux mellows down your device's lighting in the evening 21 Mar 2014


Computer screens, tablets and mobile phones emit full spectrum light around the clock, just like the sun. Exposure to blue light at the wrong time of day can keep you awake later and interfere with the quality of your sleep. f.lux tries to help this by removing blue and green light to help you wind down in the evenings.


Mũmbi’s School of Writing and Performance: Module 2 - Performance for the Screen April 13, 2015 - April 16, 2015

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With over 30 years experience as an actor, director, writer and producer, Mũmbi Kaigwa will share her knowledge.


Fab Friday Fashion Fact: Fashion Week 20 Jun 2014


Did you know that Fashion Week is a fashion industry event which lasts one week? Fashion houses, designers and brands display their latest collections to buyers, clothes stores, the media and stakeholders to let them take a look at the latest trends.


Tazama Africa Ltd

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Tazama Africa Ltd is an art gallery and picture framing company based in four of Nairobi's prime locations, Yaya Centre, The Junction Mall, T-Mall & Gigiri.


Gardening Buzz: Christmas Cacti 10 Jun 2010


We all know the beautiful flowering Christmas Cacti, so called because that is the time of year they flower in the northern hemisphere, but do we know where they are indigenous to and how to grow them?


Strathmore win the Safaricom Dala Sevens 06 Aug 2013


A commanding display of sevens rugby saw Strathmore Leos lift the 2013 Safaricom Dala Sevens title after defeating Mwamba RFC 32-10 in the final at the Kisumu Polytechnic grounds on Sunday 4 August 2013.


Emerald Garden Thai Restaurant

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Emerald Garden Thai Restaurant introduces a freshly unwrapped authentic cuisine that will stir the palate of those who choose Thai as their most delectable cuisine.


JK & M Dance Studio

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We offer classes in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, African dance, hip hop, salsa, Zumba and much more.