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4X4 Off Road Training Course Sept. 13, 2014 - Sept. 13, 2014

What's On

A 4X4 off road training course at Glen Edmunds Performance Driving School, an advanced driving school that specializes in security driver training.


3 Day Security Driver Training Course Sept. 17, 2014 - Oct. 1, 2014

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A three day security driver training course at Glen Edmunds Performance Driving School.


2 Day Defensive Driver Training Sept. 8, 2014 - Sept. 16, 2014

What's On

A two day defensive driver training at Glen Edmunds Performance Driving School, an advanced driving school that specializes in security driver training.


Hell's Gate Lead Climb Training 201 Sept. 13, 2014 - Sept. 13, 2014

What's On

Lead Climb Training 201 is designed for climbers who are proficient in their single-pitch lead climbing skills, and now wish to learn more about building anchors and multi-pitch climbing.


2 Days Dog Training With Stephanie Lang Von Langen Sept. 4, 2014 - Sept. 5, 2014

What's On

Stephanie is an International Animal Psychologist and Behaviour Coach. Get help with obedience, agressivity, unruly behaviour, separation anxiety, fearfulness, potty training and many more.


Vacancy Announcement: PRASOL Training and Consulting Ltd 22 Nov 2012


PRASOL Training and Consulting Ltd, is seeking to fill the position of a Training Officer.


Workshop: Introduction to the Internet Sept. 6, 2014 - Sept. 20, 2014

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Do you know someone who cannot access this page but would like to? Tell them about this 3 Saturday’s introduction training on how to use the internet, get onto social media and use email to better their business.


NLP Life Coach 9 Day Intensive With Self-Study by Inside Out Consultancy Sept. 17, 2014 - Nov. 29, 2014

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This is an intensive program which gives you excellent interpersonal skills, creates positive and successful thinking, creates emotional balance and teaches advanced communication skills.


Workshop: How to use Excel to Keep Your Budget Oct. 4, 2014 - Oct. 18, 2014

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Join us on an intense in-depth training on how to manage your finances. Its focus lies with the flows of cash making up your daily operations and translate this knowledge into a useable financial framework you understand and can work with going forward.


Get Sportswear and Training from a Professional Athlete 29 Jul 2013


Peter Gitura is a professional athlete and personal trainer for physical fitness, jogging and running.


Effective Leadership & Management Masterclass Sept. 18, 2014 - Sept. 19, 2014

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This course helps you and your organisation build lasting leadership skills so you may apply these skills across multiple situations. The course helps you balance "managing" and "leading".


The 4th East Africa E-Tourism Conference Sept. 29, 2014 - Sept. 30, 2014

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The 4th E-Tourism East Africa Conference features an all new world class line up of speakers and training for social media in tourism including Facebook presenting for the first time in Kenya.


Essential HR Practices for Managers, Team Leaders & Supervisors Sept. 11, 2014 - Sept. 12, 2014

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Human Resources Practice covers a range of key activities which will be examined in this two day program. The course will demonstrate and enable delegates understand the key activities of HR to support the achievement of the organization’s objectives.


Sugar CRM Expert Needed to Conduct Half Day Training at KenyaBuzz 22 Nov 2012


We are seeking the services of an individual who is well conversant with the SugarCRM system to come in and train the sales team (3 people) for half a day.


Training: Managing Customers and Markets Sept. 9, 2014 - Sept. 9, 2014

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This course will help you understand how to better manage the markets in which you operate and the customers you serve. Learn how to identify market opportunities, how to acquire and satisfy customers and how to develop a winning brand.


Archery Weekend Sept. 6, 2014 - Sept. 7, 2014

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Our range will be open on the following dates for this coming week...


Azar Anwar Motorsport Training

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Azar Anwar Motorsport Training offers rally car driving training for young adults.


Neesha Velani

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Personalized Training and Rehabilitative Exercise Programs. Goal Oriented, for a specific sport or event; Post physio exercise program; Lifestyle changes to healthy you; Motivation in training; One on one Training ...