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Codelink Language Services-Mondo

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Offer Swahili and most local languages including English to any level of learners, groups or individuals. Mondo has many years working for U.S Peace Corps(as a language instructor and teacher ...


Betty Language Services

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Learn a language,Swahili English and local Kenyan dialects with the experts.The services are offered at your comfort and it is a student centered program whereby your needs are met.we offer ...


Spanish Language Classes and Tutoring

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A native Spanish speaker with experience tutoring at all levels. Introduction to Spanish language and Latin Culture, Conversational Spanish and Business Spanish for presentations and meetings.


The Language Cafe

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Offering private and group language classes in English and French. For both children and adults


A+ Kiswahili Language Instructor and Cross Cultural Trainer

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Learn Kiswahili the fun and easy way! I have more than a decade of experience teaching Kiswahili to hundreds of foreign visitors. As a former instructor with the United States ...



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"Jambo! Learn Swahili – good price lessons with a great teacher. Ezekiel has taught Swahili for over 20 years. His current students are all NGO staff. During the lessons, he ...


Language Hub Enterprises

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We offer language services including; Kiswahili, English, French and Dholuo. Lessons are flexible, fun and are conducted conveniently at your home, office or favorite coffee shop.


Is your SMS style in Synch for love? 04 Dec 2013


Will you and your partner stay together? The answer might be in your SMS text messages. Take the test! People who are in love tend to copy each other’s body language, but it’s now been shown that we do the same thing with language.


Laura Dykes

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Speech & Language Therapist


Lynne Lenten

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Speech & Language Therapist


Poonam Shah

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Speech, Language Therapist & Audiologist


Italian Institute of Culture

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The Italian Institute of Culture in Nairobi, official body of the Italian State, has as its objective the promotion and propagation of the Italian language and culture in Kenya through ...



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Goethe-Institute is the German cultural institute, promoting German language and culture.


Read your cat's body language 17 Nov 2009


If you understand your cat’s body language, it can help improve your relationship with her!What mood is your cat in? If her ears are up high and her tail straight, she's happy. If her ears are swiveled off to the side and her tail is high but slightly bent at the tip, she is very happy. But, if her tail is drooping, it is a sign of unhappiness or illness. If her tail is bushy, that usually means that you cat is ready for battle or might be afraid. When your cat’s tail is thrashing wildly, it means she is about to lose her temper (time to tell the kids to leave her alone), while a slowly wagging tail means alertness.Enjoy your feline freinds.


Il Capitale Umano (Human Capital) May 13, 2015 - May 31, 2015

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Il Capitale Umano (Human Capital) twists love, class, and ambition into a singular, true-life story that exposes the consequences of valuing certain human lives over others.


Elementary School Modern Language Teacher: French 07 Oct 2013


The International School of Kenya is seeking to hire a qualified French Teacher to sub for a part-time elementary school French teacher who is proceeding for maternity leave.


Speak To My Eyes: Expanding into Deaf Cinema 26 Jul 2012


Directors are supposed to shout “Action!” and “Cut!” while actors are supposed to mispronounce their lines and smile, saying “let’s take that again!” hoping that their goofs make it to the behind the scenes or cut-ins as the credits roll.


ISK Scholarships Available 29 Nov 2012


Everyone has ability. Not everyone has opportunity.