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Homes and Gardens Expo April 29, 2015 - May 3, 2015

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Players from the local industry interior decor, carpet and rugs, office furniture, gardens and landscaping and lighting solutions, among others.


Roses Galore Ltd

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A Landscaping Company with 20 years experience of landscaping for projects both large and small, for industries, hotels and lodges, government institutions and private residences Office at Kigwaru Estate, off ...


Hard Landscaping - 1 06 Jan 2010


Hard Landscaping - 1In landscaping jargon there is soft landscaping, meaning the plants, and hard landscaping meaning the walls, pergolas, paving, steps, lighting and so on.


Building Works | Repairs | Maintenance 05 Feb 2015


Handyman is your home and business " fundi ". Professional and high quality work means every home and business repair, installation, maintenance or odd job is quickly checked and done right for the first time. 


Hard Landscaping in Kenya - part 2 13 Jan 2010


Last week we wrote about pergolas and walls, (hard landscaping - 1) so this week we write a few words on paving, paths and steps and hopefully inspire you to venture into some hard landscaping or improve what already exists.In other parts of the world, timber is often used for decking and the treads of steps but here we have to contend with hungry termites and need to be careful where we place timber. The materials for paving patios, surface root areas around trees, steps and paths include: brick, concrete (both paving slabs and blocks), natural stone (e.g. Mazeras slabs and dressed masonry), quartz pebbles or gravel from crushed basalt stone. The advantages of brick and concrete are that being manmade, they are of uniform shape and size and can thus be woven into many different patterns which makes them pleasing to the eye. A combination of these materials in steps and paths and patios can also be very attractive. Unless the garden is intentionally formal, paths and steps look better if they do not follow straight lines. Having said that, you have to be practical and nothing looks worse than a paved path that has been sited badly so that shortcuts result in a worn footpath nearby. In addition to considering the location of steps and paths, you must consider whether they are to be a single width wide or double width to allow two people to walk side by side. For steps, the latter is probably more aesthetic. For steps, it is important to get the proportions right for the dimensions of the treads and risers. The riser is the vertical part of the step and the tread is where you put your feet. For comfort, a general rule of thumb is that the tread needs to be 30 cm wide while the riser is 12.5 cm high or similar proportions.  Patios, paths and steps will all need a little maintenance from time to time, particularly weeding and keeping the lawn from spreading and taking over. The weeding is best done by hand and herbicides avoided. If there are persistent, deeply rooted weeds, they can usually be killed off by carefully pouring some near boiling water on them. Enjoy improving your garden with a little hard landscaping!Plants Galore Garden Centre


Design Tips for Your Kenyan Garden 06 May 2010


Garden design is a big subject and whole books have been written on it but we will attempt to cover some of the basics in this article.The first step is to take account of your location, climate, slope, soil type, water availability, and the function that the garden is to serve.


Kileleshwa Furnished Serviced Unit to Let 04 Jul 2014


Eagle court furnished apartments. A residential 3 bedroom units apartment designed to give an experience and a feeling of your own private house in the heart of Nairobi.


Nairobi Botanical Gardens

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The Nairobi Botanical Gardens are designed along themes, each section focusing on a specific conservation subject. Botany and habitat, for instance, are the focus of the Children's Garden which is ...


Integrated Interiors Stone Arts

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Stunning stone arts carved from various rocks with incredible finishes. Perfect for indoor and out door decoration and use. Fountains, Statues, Benches, Gazebos and many more. Visit website for more ...


Kenya Orchid Society

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The Kenya Orchid Society was established in 1953 to create and increase interest in orchids and their cultivation throughout Kenya and other East African countries. Membership is open to any ...


Kenya Horticultural Society

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The Kenya Horticultural Society is interested in the horticulture, gardens and plants in Kenya. They work hard to generate interest in nature through holding courses, flower shows, plant sales and ...


More about Bromeliads 03 Apr 2013


A few weeks ago we wrote an article about bromeliads and how useful they are for landscaping, general gardening or as pot plants for patios and indoors.



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Providing the ultimate backdrop for an extraordinary and affordable life, Migaa will capture the very essence of Kenya's natural beauty creating an unparalleled residential community for the middle class.


Spacious House for Sale in Likoni, Mombasa 25 Jul 2014


Spacious house on landscaped plot (1.2 acres) located on the South Coast, Likoni, Shelly Beach Road. Well maintained, hard wood doors, parquet floors and terrazzo to wet areas. Master suite with dressing room and bathroom.


Limuru House to Let - My Lily Cottage 16 Jul 2013


Set against a quarter acre of landscaped garden, overlooking rolling hills of tea and forest provides the unique backdrop and striking view that is sometimes hard to find.


Nguruman Escarpment Overnight Hiking Challenge April 25, 2015 - April 25, 2015

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Scenic Landscape, Hiking, Flamingos, Riverine forest, Bubbling Mountain Streams, Bird life among other features.


Easter Escapade March 27, 2015 - April 6, 2015

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Shop and experience Voi Wildlife Lodge and Manyatta Camp.


All Aloes in Kenya are not Aloe Vera 27 May 2010


There are several hundred Aloe species growing indigenously across Africa and the Middle East.  Only one of them is Aloe vera. Unfortunately, when the average person sees an indigenous Aloe they immediately think it is Aloe vera, but this is not possible as it is not indigenous to East Africa.