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Mr. X


Emran hashmi has invisible power in this movie... he has played a brilliant character as a selfish scientist who has only one thing in his mind- success of the experiment even at the cost of killing endlessly.


Courtyard Arcade, Nanyuki; opening May 2013 14 Jan 2013


Centrally located, on Kenyatta highway- 9 x shop premises of varying sizes, plus central courtyard restaurant space available to let.



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ACCOMMODATION 18 Beach-front Bandas, each with a spacious en-suite bedroom, dressing area and sheltered veranda. 1 Family Banda, consisting of 2 connecting bandas (each with spacious en-suite bedrooms, etc.) ‘Baobabs ...


Karen Riding School

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Facilities include: fully qualified instructor, group and individual lessons, new sand arena (65 metres x 25 metres), arenas with jumps, dressage arena, cross-country course, hack outs, birthday parties, holiday school ...


Discount for Apple iPhons 6 64GB--6 16GB --128gb Apple iPhone 5S 64GB 32GB 16GB BRAND NEW 12 Jan 2015


Discount for Apple iPhons 6 64GB--6 16GB --128gb Apple iPhone 5S 64GB 32GB 16GB BRAND NEW Warranty: 1 year from the manufacturer (Apple)Condition: 100% brand new in original factory box-


Prequel, Sequel, Sidequel or Requel?: 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Review 30 May 2014


The time-travel theme is intriguing but that’s where my confusion started. We go to 1973 but stay in the future, which is actually the present. Get my drift? The plot was hard to understand, there were many characters and they kept referencing the other movies in the franchise. Everything becomes a muddle.


Qatar Airways Set to Revolutionize Premium Air Travel with New Business class Seat 09 Jan 2015


The just revealed Airbus A350 XWB Business Class layout is already in a class of its own, offering that extra feeling of space and privacy in the 1 x 2 x 1 configuration, with an added area to ‘socialize’ where the exits are located.


Fringe Review 03 Feb 2012


Covert government organizations, mysterious time travelers, rouge scientists, guest appearances by Leonard Nimoy and alternate universes.


Kinondo Kwetu

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ACCOMMODATION Mama Taa Villa 6 suites: 3 upstairs & 3 downstairs. 4 suites consist of an en-suite bedroom with connecting doors to private sitting room/second bedroom. 2 suites are ensuite ...


Couch Patrol: Alphas 25 Apr 2013


SyFy will NEVER get tired of super heroes. Marvel’s X-Men was the first successful meta-human series giving rise to a world of imitations like Mutant X, The 4400, Heroes and now Alphas.


iPhone 5s 16GB/Apple iPhone 5 Now Available in Stock For Sale 07 Jun 2014


All our product comes with the minimum warranty of 1 full international warranty from manufacturer. Offer promo Buy 2 get free shipping to your destination.


The Kiboko Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary

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I live in a very, very special place, Ngurunga, (Kitengela) about 30Km from Nairobi, that may be of interest to you.


Newly Built 3-Bedroom House for Sale at Timboni - Gede 04 Feb 2015


This newly constructed three-bedroom house is set over 1,000 square meters in a lovely lush garden, walled on all sides.


Project X Review 27 Jul 2012


It is a little late in the year to catch up with this one but it’s time to address this teen movie once and for all.


Cottars 1920’s Safari Camp

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ACCOMMODATION 6 1920’s style en suite white tents – 5 doubles and 1 twin tent 4 Family Tented Suites (Each suite consists of 2 en suite bedrooms with a shared ...


Kenya Airways latest e190 takes to the skies in Brazil 29 Aug 2012


The delivery of Kenya Airways 36th bird is now imminent as the aircraft was over the past two days put through a vigorous inflight testing regime, ahead of the formal handover later this week at the Embraer assembly plant in San Jose Dos Campos.


Not Every Wheel Must Be Reinvented: The Wolverine Review 16 Aug 2013


I think we’re past the point of wanting movies to “stay true to comics/books etc”. These characters need to develop in a way that the non-geeky, action loving audience can understand and grow to love. This is what the writers of The Wolverine understood and this is why it’s a good movie.


Entrepreneurial Spirit Tackles Kenya’s Energy Crisis 05 Sep 2012


Charcoal provides for 82% of urban, and 34% of rural cooking needs in Kenya1. Approximately 7% of Kenya’s forests have been lost in the last 20 years2, in large part due to the ever-increasing need for cooking fuel.


David Duchovny 19 Oct 2012


Anxiety is part of creativity, the need to get something out, the need to be rid of something or to get in touch with something within.