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Jay Z and Beyoncé’s “Run” 19 May 2014


Over the weekend, Jay Z and Beyoncé released a short film to promote their upcoming Northern America tour titled On The Run. The trailer ends with the words COMING NEVER. The tour begins in Miami on 25 June and ends in San Francisco on 6 August.


For Sale Apple iPhone 6 – 64 GB/Sony PlayStation 4 – 500 GB 17 Oct 2014


We deal in all kind of brand new mobile phones original factory unlocked with 1 year international manufacturer international warranty.


Nairobi Street Fashion: The Vintage Is Back 20 Sep 2013


The trending street fashion theme right now in Nairobi is the 90’s look.


Pieces of Fortune Art Exhibition 29 Aug 2013


Art and everything arty- these were the ingredients and spices used to create an amazing exhibition opening this past weekend at the Safaricom’s Michael Joseph Centre.


Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Steamy Bang Bang Short Film 15 Sep 2014


Mr. and Mrs. Carter star as two American outlaws speeding through the Californian desert in a dusty 1960s Pontiac GTO.


Zombies on Steroids in World War Z 08 Aug 2013


Usually anything with zombies has me at that groaning sound they make. I never need a reason to go see a movie with the un-dead terrorising humans.Upon the discovery that World War Z was based on a book and had a zombie apocalypse I was sold.


Why You Can't Afford to Miss the Re-Run for the Play Plan B-The Musical 17 Sep 2013


Plan B takes the fight against infidelity on stage. Small things matter in marriage. If partners can commit, then they would never have plans aside or get tired of their relationship.


A to Z: The Real Jay A 28 Jan 2015


After his smash hit "Dumbala", Jay A has been in a whirlwind of success and is proving that he can keep up in the music big leagues.


Dinesh Revankar 14 Nov 2012


Dinesh Revankar is an artist/graphic designer with an artistic history in the advertising industry. In his paintings Revankar uses different media such as oils, acrylics, water colours and oil pastels.


David Mwaniki 14 Nov 2012


David Mwaniki (1972,Nakuru) makes figurative sculptures which consist a combination of wood, metal and occasionally clay.


Resolved to read more in 2014? Try Zinio 03 Jan 2014


The app lets you browse thousands of digital magazines from around the world. They have agreements with major global publishers to offer monthly and yearly e-magazine issues.


Jameson hosts World Class St Patrick's Live event 20 Feb 2014


Jameson Irish Whiskey Kenya is proud to present the 2nd annual St. Patrick’s Live Party on Saturday, 15th March 2014 at the Carnivore Grounds with a world-class line-up of entertainers.


Le Palanka: Fine African-Chic Dining & Cuisine 06 Sep 2013


The design, taste and style is classy and it clicks on every way- with a minimalist interior, fine art and costume design lighting in different coloured rooms.


Muthoni The Drummer Queen ‘Feelin It’ Video Review 13 Aug 2012


On Friday night Starflix Cinemas at the Prestige Plaza was taken over by none other than the "Bauss Lady" Muthoni the Drummer Queen as she launched her sixth music video 'Feelin It'


The Game Changer: Muthoni the Drummer Queen set to drop MDQ 10 Oct 2013


I didn’t believe it when I heard that Muthoni the Drummer Queen was going to come back into the music scene with a move that anyone would have thought impossible.


The mystery of the mountains of the moon 15 Jan 2013


First mentioned by ancient Greek cartographer Ptolemaeus in around 150 AD, though never conclusively answered how he got the information in the first place, the Mountains of the Moon, today also called the Rwenzori or Ruwenzori Mountains, have held a mystery, inspired travelers and dreamers and treated those who dared to come closer to ice cold nights...


Star Profile: Allan Kisali 03 May 2013


“Hold onto your dream and never lose hope. Go for auditions and never back down because if you never look for jobs outside there, they will never look for you.”


Taking on Music Piracy 01 Mar 2012


The last time I bought a jewel cased CD with a guarantee that the artist got a piece of his hard work was in 1993 when Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Doggy Style was released.