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L'Arena Pizzeria

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L'Arena Pizzera specializes in home-made pastas and specialty dishes such as Veal Francese, Shrimp Renato and the award-winning Bookmaker's Salad along with a variety of other Central and Southern Italian ...


Shower Cubicles for Sale 26 Jul 2014


We sell customized shower cubicles for different bathroom needs at very affordable prices.


Bikes & Altitude Nov. 13, 2015 - Nov. 15, 2015

What's On

The hiking/trekking, climbing and driving has changed from widely known unusable road reserved exclusive for four wheel drives.


The Mayfair R.K.L Casino

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The Mayfair RKL Casino offers, American Roulette, Blackjack, Pontoon, American Brag Poker, Texas Hold'em, Real Poker, Poker tournament, Bingo, Super Bingo, slot and video machines.


FOUND: Golden Retriever 07 Dec 2011


A youngish, male Golden Retriever was FOUND in Old Muthaiga 3/12/2011.


Stella Mwangi Drops “Biashara” Remix Featuring Khaligraph Jones & Kristoff 06 Aug 2013


Stella Mwangi popularly known as S.T.L recently dropped a remake of one of her hit songs ‘Biashara’. This time she surprisingly goes head to head with rapper Khaligraph Jones of ‘shiro’ and Kristoff of ‘Tattoo Kwa Thigh’.


New Forest Walking Dog Classes 08 Feb 2012


After the success of the Dog Walk, (over half a million shillings was raised at the Karura Forest Dog Walk for the KSPCA), there is demand from Karura Forest Staff and dog owners to have a class in the forest itself.


The Shaggy Dog Show is THIS Sunday 31 Oct 2013


The Shaggy Dog Show is THIS Sunday, November 3rd at the Racecourse on Ngong Road! Classes start at 10:00 AM. It’s a great day out for the whole family (even the four footed).


Fosters Wanted 11 Aug 2011


Have you ever wanted to snuggle a puppy or a kitten but not have to put up with the teenage phase where your pet chews all your shoes and eats your new iPhone or scratches your furniture and climbs up the drapes?


Trainer Diaries: Why I do What I Do 15 Nov 2011


Many people ask me why I choose to stay in Kenya and why I picked training dogs instead of saving wildlife, babies, or the environment.


Update on Puddle Place Kennel Dogs 12 May 2011


The last of the dogs from the Puddle Place kennels were rehomed. Both Suzy’s personal dogs and also the dogs that she was trying to rehome.


City Council Dog Tax Now Due (Registration of Dogs) 13 Feb 2013


It’s the middle of February and many of you are preparing to leave for the election period. Please don’t leave without getting your dog licenses. T


Patience Required 26 Jul 2011


Many people turn up with all the latest training gear or want to buy all the equipment without knowing what it is their dog needs. Or worse, they think that the equipment is the most important thing. Actually, the most important thing to have for training is patience.


Canine Café Culture in Kenya 27 May 2010


Some cafes in Kenya allow you to bring your dog.  It’s nice to take your dog with you when you go out to a café but you need a well-behaved dog so you don’t disturb other customers. The only way to train your dog to behave well in this situation is to practice. Here are some tips to set your dog up for success.


The Shaggy Dog Show- great fun for a great cause 17 Oct 2012


The countdown to one of my favorite events of the year is officially on...The Shaggy Dog Show! It’s the biggest annual fundraiser for the KSPCA (the Kenya Society of the Care and Protection of Animals).


Sights that warm my heart 01 Feb 2012


I usually use this column to rage about animals being dumped, starved, or being treated in appalling ways but today I share a heart-warming story. 


The Shaggy Dog Show 31 Oct 2012


I have been attending the Shaggy Dog Show for the last 6 years and, without a doubt, this years was the best ever.