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Come with me to the Coast 30 May 2011


Many people might consider me a very lucky woman: I grew up on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast, a place of soft breezes, glorious sun and endless beaches. But to be honest, the coast has never excited me much. Faraway grass is always greener, as they say, and I couldn’t see what all the foreign fuss was about. Recently, however, I decided to step outside myself and take a trip to the coast as a visitor. It was a mind-blowing experience, a little like a rebirth, as I discovered and rediscovered hidden gems in the place I call home.


Club Eden

Biz Directory

An avant-garde restaurant offering international fare with a stylish bar offering a comprehensive rage of beverages, sports and entertainment. Cuisine: International and African. Special features: Takeaway, outside catering, internet hotspot, ...


Artcaffe: Eat, drink and be seen! 06 Jun 2011


Artcaffe may be in a mall but this café/restaurant is not just a handy place to grab a caffeine pick-me-up after some heavy-duty shopping. It’s much more than that. This cosmopolitan café in Westgate Mall is where Nairobi residents and visitors come to see and be seen, to meet and greet, and to talk business or life.


Can-Afrika Café Launch 08 Dec 2011


The Can Café opened Saturday at The Kenya Kids Home, 200 meters from T-Mall on Langata Road.


Coming To Nairobi? Here’s A Selection Of Self-Catering Apartments 19 Aug 2011


As a regional business and conference hub, Nairobi has no shortage of self-catering apartments, from the ultra luxurious to more modest dwellings. Here is a list of some of the many options available in the city.