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The Fifth Slum Film Festival Aug. 24, 2015 - Aug. 29, 2015

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Slum Film Festival is the first ever film platform-featuring stories from slums, about slum realities and made by filmmakers from the slums in Africa – and beyond.


The Demise of Kenyan Movie Theatres 26 Jun 2012


As I kept sipping my overflowed coffee sitting next to my dad, his head shaking, facially showing pity to the Kenyan movie theatres. He still encourages me to take acting as a profession more serious.


Westgate cinema shuts down - what survives? 23 May 2011


Whether it is the popcorn, the wide screen with surround sound, or the fizzy pop, children love going to the cinema. Yet over the years Kenya's cinema industry has plummeted, with cinemas shutting down all over the country.


Colours Of The Nile International Film Festival Calls for Entries from Across Africa 09 Oct 2013


The East African festival is calling for submissions from across Africa for feature-length and short fiction films, as well as feature-length and short documentaries.


Planet Media Cinemas unveil Kenya’s first 35mm HFR 3D Digital Projection systems 14 Dec 2012


New technology presents unmatched image resolution and sound clarity for a near real life cinema experience.


Sarit Video Ltd

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Sarit Video sells and rents the latest DVDs, movies, TV series and all cinema material that is current. They also sell PS2 machines and accessories, and games.


Prestige Plaza

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The mall hosts shops, restaurants, banks, supermarket, cinema and a lot of other outlets.


Planet Media Prestige Plaza

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Planet Media Cinemas is integrated with 3D digital cinema projection systems. The theatre aims to give the best entertainment experience and ambiance to movie goers.


Premiere of “House Of Lungula” a success! 26 Nov 2013


The film premiere of the comedy House of Lungula took place last Thursday evening at the Century Cinema in the Junction Mall which was filled to capacity (two screens!). It was a glamorous red carpet affair.


Kenya Re-Insurance Plaza

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The property is situated along Aga Khan Walk and Taifa Road, almost directly opposite the High Court and Nairobi Cinema within Nairobi City Centre.


Here is why you don’t see your favourite Kenyan movies on DVD 03 Dec 2013


Until Kenyan film makers can make protected DVDs that cannot be pirated, you are urged to go watch Kenyan films in cinemas. This is a fight to be fought by all of us and not one particular party. It can simply start by you creating awareness and saying no to buying pirated DVD or simply going to watch movies in cinemas.


Cannes Film Festival Spotlight on Kenya 10 May 2013


The international pinnacle of film-making excellence, Festival De Cannes (commonly known as Cannes Film Festival), is taking an interest in Kenya and YOU are on the agenda.


Disc Mania World Ltd.

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Disc Mania is the largest and leading provider of DVDs in East Africa. They have a selection of over 5000 titles of movies dating back to year 2000 releases. They ...


Moi Avenue Retail Centre

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Opening Hours: Weekdays: 7.30am to 5.30pm Saturdays: 9am to 4pm Sundays: 10am to 2pm Public holidays: Closed


Savanna Coffee Lounge - Kenyatta Avenue

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A refreshing new approach, the first Coffee Lounge in Kenya.


Montano Beauty Parlour

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We offer facials, body massage, unisex haircuts, waxing, beauty and weaving in addition to the normal salon services.


Sheez @ New York

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This stylish and trendy hair salon uses the latest technology to offer massage therapy, beauty treatments, beauty products, hair dying, waxing, acrylic and gel nails and hair treatments.



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HOT: Peres Owino 29 Aug 2013


Peres Owino is a Kenyan born Hollywood based actress. She has co-starred in FX TV series Terriers and also had an uncredited role in Inception.


'Out of this world' 7D theatre opens at Thika Road Mall 21 Feb 2014


Showbiz Africa Ltd has set up Kenya's first 7D theatre in TRM Mall, Thika Road. It offers movie aficionados and thrill seekers in East Africa the first 7D theatre experience. The theatre quietly opened its doors to the public on Valentines weekend with a special Ksh600 couple's offer. They are currently charging Ksh350 for a show.