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Mustard Madness and a Wambui Mukenyi GIVEAWAY!!! 27 May 2013


Something about this mustard gown just makes my insides melt. When I first spotted this dress at Wambui Mukenyi's shop I had a minor freak out session.


Wambui Mukenyi 21 Feb 2012


Founded in 2009 the Wambui Mukenyi label is the brainchild of a self taught designer, a true artist and a visionary.


FAFA 2012 Review 21 Nov 2012


FAFA marketing assistant Arnolda Shiundu really hooked it up. She sat us at table 11, the best possible vantage point – front row right at the end of the runway just before the press line. At my table were Connie Aluoch (Stylist), Carol Odero (Editor, DRUM Magazine), Wambui Mukenyi (Designer), Nancie Mwai (Blogger), my trusty photographer and sidekick Marek Fuchs, and a random rotation of friends and drifters filled another seat. It was starting well.


Launch: The Janet Collection 29 Mar 2012


When Janet and Wambui met, it was in my mom’s living room, on loan for a fitting we had to do in a hurry (as always, I was rushing off somewhere…). Now, about a year later, the girls have collaborated in a fashion venture with a twist of charity.