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Preparing for a New Puppy 20 Mar 2012


Many people don't prepare for having a new puppy in the house.  Doing a little prep work in anticipation of your new pet will make things much easier for you and your new bundle of fur.


Preparing for a New Puppy, Part 1 03 Feb 2011


In recent columns I have written about the pros and cons of pedigree vs. mixed breed dogs and small vs. large breed dogs. Once you have committed to get a puppy, the next step is preparation before you bring your puppy home.


Preparing for a new puppy, Part 2 10 Feb 2011


Last weeks column covered equipment that you should have on hand for your pup before it arrives. This week we address the discussions that the family should have before the puppy comes home. House rules must be decided so that your puppy knows what is expected of him. If the family is undecided, then how your pup will ever know what is right?