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Real Estate Finance & Investment Training Feb. 4, 2015 - Feb. 5, 2015

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Training will cover government housing policy, Kenya's economic outlook for the next decade, Real Estate Investment


Blueline Real Estate Development

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Blueline Real Estate has been involved in Construction in particular road works since 1979.1995 saw us diversify into the real estate and development sector handling small and medium sized developments ...


Blue Lion Property Consultants

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Property Agents - Nanyuki, Laikipia. Blue Lion Property Consultants are based in Nanyuki, Kenya. We provide real estate services in Nanyuki and its surrounding areas. With extensive knowledge of the ...


Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Real Estate Agent 03 Oct 2014


When you have made the decision to buy a house you need a good agent who will assist you in getting your ideal property. An agent that you can trust and will save the house buyers and sellers time, money and aggravation.Global real estate marketplace, Lamudi, explores the top five things you should consider when choosing a real estate agent.


Ignite Survive or Thrive Feb. 5, 2015 - Feb. 5, 2015

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Ignite, a Young professionals’ network committed to helping you “maximize your potential and make your life count”


Sassari Ventures

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A small real estate company dealing in selling, letting and property management.


Technological Trends in Kenyan Real Estate 05 Dec 2014


With the growth in population, existing cities are about to burst and new cities are coming forth in the landscape. Technological innovation and sustainability are now the key drivers for value in the real estate.


Hutland Enterprises

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Estate agents, waste management, cleaners & land consultants


Pam Golding Properties Kenya

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A franchise of the Pam Golding Property Group the largest independent property services company in Southern Africa.


The Fridge 13 Nov 2014


I have a fridge that seems only a little bit smaller than the apartment I’ve just moved out of, I have more rooms than I have furniture to fill and I have a garden that has a pond. And it’s a real pond, not just a wet puddle full of mosquitoes that a real estate agent claimed is a pond.


Kigwa Ridge

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An amazing development on 5 acres fronting a dam. It is a hidden jewel.


Sultan One Leasing Agency

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We have the best terms and also the top value for quality housing, leases and investment. Excellent service all the way.


Regus Eaton Center

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We free companies from long-term commitment; releasing you to be more agile, to explore new markets without risk and take advantage of new ways of working.


Nairobi Property Centre

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Nairobi Property Centre - For affordable houses, plots, land, properties for sale, rent in Kenya, properties in Nairobi and environs.


Trianum Hospitality

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Trianum Hospitality was founded in 2010 with a vision to establish a network of high quality, fully furnished and serviced apartments and boutique hotels in multiple locations across the country.


Secure the Border! Build a Wall: The Donald’s Twitter Rant on Ebola 06 Aug 2014


The U.S. real estate mogul has been on a tweeting rampage giving his two cents about the Ebola outbreak. Trump doesn’t agree that the American doctors who were infected with the deadly virus while on an aid mission to Sierra Leone should be allowed back to the States for treatment.


Lamudi Celebrates First Anniversary 13 Oct 2014


Global real estate network Lamudi celebrates its first birthday this week, having more than doubled in size in six months.


Top Six Emerging Real Estate Investment Hotspots in Africa 15 Jan 2015


Emerging cities across Africa are filled with opportunities for those looking to invest in property.