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Model of the Week: Preach Kamar 30 Jan 2014


I would advise young models to persist and to never resign their post as aspiring models. We are not incapable but exceedingly competent beyond measure and endowed with potential to provoke a shift.


Model of the Week: Joy Wawira Kinyua 23 Jan 2014


The skinny jeans for males are a big NO! I would prefer them being in fitting jeans rather than skinny jeans.


Model of the Week: Barbra Wanja Njoroge 05 Feb 2014


Beauty starts from within. You don’t have to look alike or wear what the rest are wearing to fit in. Being yourself is what matters in the end, true beauty amounts to being unique.


Model of the Week: Ruth Murugi 20 Feb 2014


I believe its improving progressively, although we need more stylists


Model of the Week: Zeget Delongeur Miranic 05 Dec 2013


The type of clothes you bring and wear to a photo shoot to build a portfolio matter a lot. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and make you look great.


Model of the Week: Michael Maru 07 May 2014


Be yourself, don’t conform or settle for less than you deserve. Create your own trend and stand out!


Model of the Week: Shamim Chemtai 26 Nov 2013


I feel most fashionable in high waist pencil jeans worn with fitting tops; with either flat or high heels depending on the occasion.


Model of the Week: Leonard Kariuki Macharia 17 Oct 2013


The fashion industry is steadily growing fast although it’s still aping the west and needs to embrace the African culture trend that has picked up of late.


Model of the Week: Hassan Ibrahim 30 Oct 2013


There is more of the urban look which I appreciate; beenies, drop-crotch pants, double-breasted coats, Christian Louboutin boots, loafers, brogues.


Model of the Week: Jesse Lugalia 22 Aug 2013


Fashion is now more appreciated than before. People started taking fashion seriously and appreciating art but producers are still closing the door on genuine casts.


Model Of The Week: Grace Musembi 04 Sep 2013


Fashion is growing in Kenya, and many people are trying to fit in. Local designers are now appreciated and many people turn up for events when they are showcasing.


Model of the Week: Monayo Sylvia 13 Mar 2014


ALWAYS maintain your principles and standards in all situations and be your own leader, but always aim for more.