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Acacia Studios

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Acacia Studios teaches Power Yoga, a Vinyasa, or flowing style, of yoga which focuses on core strength, balance and endurance to build a solid practice based on strength.


Ayatana Yoga Lounge

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Ayatana Yoga Lounge is an urban sanctuary devoted to nurturing mind-body balance.


Breathing Space

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Unlearn stress, tension and let go of the mind – this is your breathing space. One on One consulting in Yoga, breathing, meditation as well as nutrition and wellness are ...


Planet House

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Various classes are usually conducted by a qualified health yoga instructor. Classes offered are both for beginners and intermediate people.


Brahma Kumaris Serve Africa Retreat Centre

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We offer the teachings of Raja Yoga meditation as a way of experiencing peace of mind and a positive approach to life.


Anusara Yoga

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Founded in the USA by John Friend in 1997, Anusara yoga is a school of hatha yoga which unifies a life-affirming Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness with Universal Principles of Alignment.


The Theatre Company Studio

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The studio is airy, presteen, spacious and filled with light. The floor is beautifully finished and smooth. The dimensions are 12 metres into 4 metres, which makes the space suitable for 15 to 20 yoga students.


Joyce Tiba: Thai Yoga Massage Specialist

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Joyce trained under FazilahBazari of the Holistic Community of Kenya in Thai Yoga Massage and has 5 years experience as an independent specialist. She is able to visit you in your home to offer a 2 hour session of this specialised and beneficial treatment.


Holistic Community Kenya

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The idea of a Holistic Community in Nairobi was founded by Fazilah Bazari through pure manifestation of an intention and a deeper call to bring together the holistic practitioners in ...


B-Flex Gymnasium

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Spacious gym with modern equipment,professional staff and aerobics class.


Bhakti Marga Kenya

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he Bhakti Marga Kenya community is made up of people living the teachings of Sri Swami Vishwananda on how to find Divine Love in everyday life.


Abha Light Foundation: Abha Light College of Natural Medicine

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Abha Light College of Natural Medicine runs diploma courses in natural medicine, homeopathy, herbal medicine, reflexology, and more. They conduct short workshops, seminars and classes for the public. There are ...