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Avanti Happy Hour Feb. 20, 2015 - May 29, 2015

What's On

Add some flavour to your Fridays with 4 beers or 2 doubles and 1 plate chicken wings.


Pork, Apple and Thyme Recipe 11 Nov 2010


A family favorite for cold, rainy days.  Serves 4


Biriyani Recipe 26 May 2011


½ kg rice ½ kg meatCooking oil6 medium sized tomatoes 6 medium sized onions sliced5 medium sized potatoes2 tsp garlic crushed1 big capsicum3 green pepper2tsp crushed raw garlic3 tbls tomato pasteBiriyani masalaFood color


Delicious healthy soup stock recipe 03 Jun 2009


Have you ever wondered how much beef is in a beef cube? The answer is NONE! Beef cubes are very popular because they quickly add flavour to a meal. Most Kenyans love these little cubes to season sukuma wiki or stew. Unfortunately it’s always the same flavour.


Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting recipe 28 May 2009


Sometimes the best recipes are the simplest.  The following carrot cake recipe is one that my family grew up with, courtesy of our long-time family friend, Barbara Cummings.


The X Ingredient! 04 Jul 2013


There are many things that make a salad interesting and enjoyable to eat. It’s what you put in. Now we all have different things we like to add, from cooked meats, to nuts, seeds etc. You name it. The idea here is to be creative but keeping in mind that someone will have to eat it and you do not want to be your own victim.


Kasuku Kikoys

Biz Directory

Kasuku products are known for their distinguished & equally vibrant colors. Kasuku clothing is made from exquisite mercerized cotton kikoys giving a superior & unique quality. To add glamor, Kasuku ...


Tasty healthy vegetable soup recipes 08 Jun 2009


Creamy vegetable soups are a brilliant and delicious way to bring more vegetables into our diet.


JKIA Runway Repairs Expected to Add to Congestion 21 Jan 2015


JKIA should have had a second runway years ago but wapi? All departures after midnight till 6 and all arrivals from midnight to six will need rescheduling. This messes up connections and costs airlines money.


The Best Kenyan Wedding Dance For 2014 01 Apr 2014


Picture this; you are at a wedding and soon everyone breaks into a well synchronized and choreographed dance. Well; to add the fun, the bride joins in. This has been the trending video of Roni and Chris Wanjagi; with over 10,000 hits already on YouTube.


Delta Corner

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Delta Corner is a commanding modern office complex offering high quality and flexible business accommodation designed to enhance your working lifestyle and add value to your business.


Christmas Pudding Recipe 09 Dec 2010


Christmas pudding has its origins in England and Ireland and is a pudding traditionally served on Christmas Day. It is sometimes referred to as plum pudding and is filled with fruits and nuts. This recipe if over eighty years old and has been passed down through the generations.


Last of the Gulf Giants Finally Adds Nairobi 17 Aug 2011


Information was confirmed overnight that Etihad, the last of the airline ‘Big Boys’ from the Gulf region, is now finally also set to add Nairobi to their growing network, following in the footsteps of Emirates, Qatar Airways and Gulf Air.


A Stunning Watamu Home overlooking the Indian Ocean 05 Sep 2013


This beautiful four bedroom house is rapidly becoming a popular retreat for families and honeymooners alike.


No-knead bread recipe 06 May 2010


There is plenty of delicious bread to buy in Kenya.  But it’s not cheap!  And who has time to make their own bread?


Summer pasta recipe 25 Nov 2010


As the weather gets warm, this is an easy, delicious, healthy dish to serve.  If you can get some mozzarella cheese through Mediterraneo Restaurant, even better!


Courtyard Cafe & Deli

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Our salads, soups and platters change regularly and the variety of fillings at our sandwich counter allow your to create your own sandwich or wrap. Add a tasty piece of homemade cake or biscuit.


Eggnog Recipe 09 Dec 2010


Eggnog had its origins in England but crossed the Atlantic to the English colonies during the 18th century.  It has become a very popular winter drink in North America and is served mostly at Christmas but also on Thanksgiving and new years.  It can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic.