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HR & Non-HR Managers Training April 30, 2015 - May 1, 2015

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Managers have never been more accountable, ethically and legally; for critical human resources issues and challenges-even when HR isn’t their job.


Skills for Effective Workplace Training April 23, 2015 - April 23, 2015

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Participants acquire Skills, Tools and Techniques that enable them guide the learning process within organizations to ensure that it is effective and aligned to organization objectives.


Skills for Effective Workplace Training April 23, 2015 - April 24, 2015

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Participants acquire Skills, Tools and Techniques that enable them guide the learning process within organizations to ensure that it is effective and aligned to organization objectives.


Rift Valley - Ngobit River Lodge

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Situated on 50 acres along the Ngobit River, Laikipia District, adjacent to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, the Lodge was originally built in the early 1960’s as a Club and has ...


Kamsa Concierge

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Our services range from residential support services, to financial intermediary services, to personal care and more.


KenyaBuzz e-Weekly 17 Jan 2013


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BlueSky Adventures

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Since 2001 BlueSky Adventures has been having an impact on some of the biggest, most successful organizations in East Africa. Through our quality team building, leadership programs, and adventure trips ...


Water dispute amongst suppliers cuts coastal resorts off 18 Jan 2011


The Water Resources Management Authority was last weekend accused of robber baron methods, arrogance and – at least by some quarters – of ‘near criminal misconduct’, when they cut off the water supply of the Coastal Water Board. As a result, and as seen the week before along a section of the South Coast already, beach resorts were suddenly off water supply, inspite of most being up todate with their water bills. The area affected was said to spread from Mtwapa Creek to Malindi, a stretch of 100 kilometres and dozens of beach resorts. Said one regular source from Mombasa in a message to this correspondent: ‘what do we care if there are disputes between two water supply bodies. We for sure are paid up and a quick survey amongst fellow managers tells me they too have paid their water and electricity bills. Taking the argument between the two water bodies into the public domain, and in the process interrupting water supplies for hotels and resorts, especially when we are all having almost full occupancy along the coast, is a very callous and irresponsible act and those responsible should be charged in court. How about hospitals, businesses and residential areas, none have water – do those responsible know that people can die without water, and yet they paid bills on time. Only last week they did the same at the lower south coast and the results were very bad for those affected and now they are doing worse for a bigger area. This is a national shame and when I wonder will parastatals ever know and learn they are there to SERVE and not to RULE’. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Thome


Briatore makes an impact in Malindi 02 Jan 2014


Flavio Briatore, owner of two hospitality businesses in Malindi, the Billionaires Resort and the Lion in the Sun, has joined hands with his colleagues in the tourism industry, as well as with local politicians, to improve the security of tourists along the beaches and ensure regular clean ups along the shores.


Haveli Restaurant

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An outlet in the heart of industrial Area on Mombasa Road and yet proud to be referred to as a boutique Restaurant. Like our sister outlet - The Haandi in ...


Sun Africa set for two more camp openings 02 Sep 2011


Details were obtained that Sun Africa Hotels, owners and managers of the soon to formally opening Sovereign Suites, the Lake Baringo Club, the Lake Naivasha Country Club and the Keekorok Lodge will shortly embark on the setting up of two more safari camps.


Kempinski announces 15 January 2013 as rebranding date for Olare Mara camp 14 Nov 2012


Information has been confirmed that Kempinski will on 15th January 2013 formally rebrand the Olare Mara Camp


Vigilant officials seize 87 elephant tusks 29 Nov 2011


A Hong Kong bound container with 87 elephant tusks was seized over the weekend in Nairobi, when alert customs and security officials opened the container for a physical spot check, after various inconsistencies rang the alarm bells and raised suspicion of illicit contraband being hidden amongst the consignment of ‘handicraft’ for importers in China.


Equatorial Commercial Bank Limited

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Established as a Finance Company in 1983, Equatorial Commercial Bank Limited (ECB) commenced operations as a fully-fledged commercial bank in 1995. ECB is a member of the Sameer Group, one ...


Client Development & Key Accounts Management Seminar May 14, 2015 - May 15, 2015

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Participants get to be enlightened on tactics and strategies to acquire new customers and retention of existing ones.


Developing Core Skills for P.A & Office Administrators Training April 23, 2015 - April 24, 2015

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The PA and Office administrator takes responsibility for much of the organisation and co-ordination in the office. It is a task that requires tact, diplomacy the ability to communicate with all levels.


Workshop: Managing People June 19, 2015 - June 19, 2015

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How to build, lead and motivate highly productive teams.


AISA Office Manager Vacancy 16 Nov 2012


Under the direction of the Finance and Administration Coordinator, the AISA Office Manager is responsible for organizing and supervising all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of the AISA office.


Training of Trainers Programme Objectives April 23, 2015 - April 24, 2015

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This course will help you establish the training context in line with the organization’s performance management framework.