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Yours & Mine Restaurant

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Hidden away in the ground floor of Elimu Sacco Building, Yours & Mine has earned a reputation for their good stewed fish and the best Chicken Tikka in town. They ...


How to make a salad 27 Jun 2013


There are different ways and methods. I prefer to keep mine simple, but colourful. I love colour and seeing that in a bowl is just heavenly. So let us get on with it.


Indispensable: White Button-Up 25 Jan 2012


A crisp white, long-sleeved, button-up, collared shirt is as simple and as stylish as it gets. I had to buy mine all the way from a high-street ZARA in Prague (stupidly expensive!) but it was worth it.


When the Parents Meet 10 Jun 2014


A friend of mine told me recently about the first time her parents met her boyfriend’s parents. “I was so nervous – and rightly so!" she said. "The situation was tense; there was a lot of awkwardness in the air. Sure, the first parents’ meeting could turn out to be tense, awkward and in extreme cases even explosive. So how did it go? I was curious to hear.


Brown Eyes Finds a Home (A 5 Star Home, I Might Add) 08 Jul 2014


Friday the 13th was a lucky day for Brown Eyes! I received a phone call from clients of mine asking to meet Brown Eyes, they saw one of my posts about her and thought she might be a good match for the family. I can’t rescue every dog here that needs it but the few I can are most certainly appreciative!


Mohamed Amin Foundation Film Kenji Leads in Filamu Film Festival 2013 08 Mar 2013


The 2nd edition and closing ceremony of Filamu Festival was held at Laico Regency hotel on 16th Feb 2013


The Nairobi Woman: Swipe to Activate 12 Aug 2013


Unsurprisingly, this week’s trending topic, #WhatTurnsANairobiWomanOn, did anything but turn me on. Sigh. Where does one begin with this kind of thing? A friend of mine drew my attention to it and I could see her doing exactly what I was doing – shaking my head with mild amusement and a hint of annoyance.


Today's Salad 24 Jul 2013


In my salad today, I had Ruccola, lettuces, grape fruit, strawberries (I love berries), a carrot, a pear, Mixed salad (basically more lettuce), Italian spinach, bean sprout...


Zumba craze hits Nanyuki 08 Jan 2013


Zumba is originally from Colombia and started in the 1990s. It combines hip hop moves with salsa, merengue and belly dance moves.


Tom Kha Goong recipe 02 Sep 2010


I love the delicious spicy coconut chicken soup called Tom Kha Ghai served in Thai restaurants.  I finally realized how easy it is to make and also how easy to get all the ingredients in Kenya.


Serengeti Highway case to start on January 23rd 06 Dec 2012


The East African Court of Justice in Arusha has last Friday announced the trial date for the case environmental groups have brought against the Tanzanian governmen


Dinesh Revankar 14 Nov 2012


Dinesh Revankar is an artist/graphic designer with an artistic history in the advertising industry. In his paintings Revankar uses different media such as oils, acrylics, water colours and oil pastels.


Andrew Wambua Releases First Single “Nipe Pendo” 18 Jul 2013


Penya Africa is ecstatic to announce the release of “Nipe Pendo”, the first single by Singer, Song‐writer Andrew Wambua.


HOT: Ariel Winter 20 Dec 2013


“I had body insecurities when I was younger. I still do. Every girl has insecurities...Now, my sister is always making sure to tell me that I look beautiful...It’s about learning to love yourself.”


Rose in the Mary 20 Nov 2013


The famous Rosemary herb is what I would call the perfect potherb that one must have in their kitchen.


What’s in a Carrot? 12 Sep 2013


You know that saying that goes, sugar, spice and everything nice. It reminds me of the power puff girls but it really makes me think of carrots.


Sierra Restaurant review 11 Feb 2010


 We recently tried the new Sierra Restaurant at the Yaya Centre.  It was a mostly positive experience but overall we give it a mixed review.  We loved the old Sierra Restaurant out on Mombasa Road, mostly for its ambience- it was like being in a funky warehouse restaurant south of Market Street in San Francisco where you could see the micro-brewery through the windows.  But it wasn’t an ideal location for a meal unless you were on your way to the airport or you had a masochistic, traffic-loving side to you. 


Poachers caught using anti-tank mines on elephants 02 Oct 2012


Guns, poisons and electrocution have all been in the armoury of poachers as they target elephants for their tusks. Now another weapon is being used by the poachers in order to kill elephants and that is anti-tank mines.