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Montage Media Services Ltd

Montage Media Services Ltd

Contact naCompany Details: Incorporated in 1995
Products and Services:
• Video Production specialist in corporate documentaries, fundraising videos, musicals, TV Adverts, TV Spots and workshop/conference videos.
• Event, documentary and commercial photography.
• Radio documentaries, features and Commercials.
• Events management and News coverage.
• Archival video and film material library.
• Design and printing.
• Music Production
• Casting and talent search.
• Media Training and Consultancy.
• PA and LCD Projection facilities
• General Supplies

Technical Capacity

Montage Media Services Ltd continues to upgrade her technical capacity without dumping the old infrastructure. So we are today one of the few companies in East Africa with a range of equipment ranging from film , analogue to the latest digital platforms. On the overall Montage Media Services Ltd (MMS) production department is backed by professional broadcast quality equipment.

  • Media
  • South Gate Center,South B shopping center
  • 669-391-337-452+/129-478-227-452+/672455 020-452+
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