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IMAX Kenya - 20th Century in CBD, Nairobi

IMAX Kenya - 20th Century

The 255 seater IMAX Theatre at the heart of Nairobi now gives Kenyans the chance to experience powerful image, sound and dimension enhancements to give each title the ultimate expression for your enjoyment.

To comprehend just how large the new IMAX screen in Nairobi is, picture this… a standard 26mm wide angle lens camera cannot capture its entirety from the centre of theatre.

The screen, around 17 metres by 9 metres is slightly curved, made to envelope the audience into a more realistic stance as the grossly amped sound system is boosted by state of the art equipment that is set to make any screening at the new IMAX 20th Century truly memorable.

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1 p.m. , 5:30 p.m. , 7:45 p.m. , 9:50 p.m.

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