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Barcardia Lounge

Bars And Clubs

The best drinking joint in Kisumu along Otuoma Street.

Kingfisher Bar

Bars And Clubs

This bar is located at the lobby level and overlooks the hotel’s crystal blue swimming pool having a fully stocked bar which offers a variety of cocktails, exotic single malt whiskeys, cigars and soothing back ground music.

Tortilas I.Q

Bars And Clubs

A state of the art club.

Myks Lounge

Bars And Clubs

Located at Chester House 4th Floor.

Champagne & Fishbowls

Bars And Clubs

Have you experienced the city's most glamorous bar?

The Legend, Karen

Bars And Clubs

The Legend, KarenThe Legend lounge is a premium club and a restaurant Karen. You can now dine, wine and order food (packed) for office delivery without incurring extra cost.

Ozone Lounge Valley Arcade

Bars And Clubs

Get bar service, fast food, internet access, happy hour and so much more.

Aqua Blu Club & Lounge Bar

Bars And Clubs

Aqua Blu Club & Lounge Bar is situated at the Krishna Centre on 1st floor.

Red Lion Nondies Club House

Bars And Clubs

The clubhouse of the Nondies Rugby Football Club run.

The Island Bar & Lounge

Bars And Clubs

Takes bookings, serves walk-ins, good for groups or parties, offers catering and table services.

Sailors' Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

Bars And Clubs , Restaurants , International

The hip and trendy place to be in Nairobi.

Yellow Ribbon Night Club & Restaurant

Bars And Clubs , Restaurants

Let's rock the Coast- night cclub, restaurant, beer garden and pool billard.

Gallileo Xtreme

Bars And Clubs

Located on the first floor of Nakumatt Lifestyle at the spot that was formerly Sherlock's Den.

Pints Makuti

Bars And Clubs

Club Pints Makuti is the place to be when you are looking to have fun.

7 Degrees Bar, Restaurant and Lounge

Bars And Clubs

Be a part of the experience. Be a part of 7 degrees.

Black Cotton Club

Bars And Clubs

Set in the outer suburbs of Nairobi in open air, Black Cotton Club is the 'in' spot for young beautiful Kenyans.

Arfa Lounge - IMAX

Bars And Clubs , Movie Theatres

A combination of coziness and the ambiance of a classic mini ­theatre.

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Venom Lounge & Bar

Bars And Clubs

One of Nairobi's most exclusive lounges.

Velvet Lounge

Bars And Clubs

Velvet Lounge is a sleek, sensual addition to Nairobi's nightlife.